Executive a massive increase in mobile traffic which leads

Executive summary

study is based on the future trend on the new upcoming technology Li-Fi. Li-Fi
is a wireless optical networking that uses LEDs for the transmission of data.
It will cover the various advantages and disadvantages of the new technology
that will occur. Further, Hypotheses test will be done on the various factors
that have been segmented into different sections. The report consists of
introduction of Li-Fi and its effect on the technology and operations of
business. Through this study, an idea for the project will be drawn.

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Table of Content

Executive Summary

Project Idea

Existing Research

Project Hypothesis

How to Test the Hypothesis




















Project Idea

this global and continuous changing technological world, there has been a huge
change in the world of internet. I would like to discuss one of the new
technologies which is under development. There has been a massive increase in
mobile traffic which leads to the deployment of wireless system. This results
in the limited availability of RF spectrum and interference of co-channels.
Disturbance and continuous disconnection in wireless system is one of the
disadvantages now days. So, to alter this fault and fulfilling the increasing
internet need of us, significant research has been done to explore the
alternatives for electromagnetic spectrum. These efforts are being done to
reduce the growing traffic and overcrowded domain. In this research, an
interesting result has found i.e. use of LED (light emitting diode) for
transmission of data (Haas et al.,
2016). This technology is known as Li-Fi. It was disclosed by a professor in
Edinburgh University, UK, Harald Haas. According to him, “the bulbs over your
head can transmit the signal through light which is situated in your homes,
offices, colleges or anywhere. He gave this theory name as “light through
illumination” (Haas et al.,
2016). Li-Fi stands for Light- Fidelity. In comparison to Wi-Fi, Li-Fi has
better bandwidth, efficiency, availability, coverage and security and increases
the data transfer speed (Up to 28 Gigabytes per second). The data is
transferred with the help of illumination of light and with the help of fiber
optics that is sent through LED light bulbs (LI-FI:
Light Fidelity-The Transmission of Data through Light, 2017).


Existing Research

communication has now become the foremost part of our lives. With the rapid
increase in its demand research has been taken out to reduce the traffic and
frequent other disturbances. A new technology is being introduced in our lives
i.e. Li-Fi, Light- Fidelity. It has been estimated that Li-Fi has reached over
50 billion mobile phones and it is now being used by every business sector and
even in our personal lives. The cellular radio masts worldwide are approx, 1.4
million which has replaced the heavy structures with the help of illuminating

 Light-fidelity (Li-Fi) is a continuation of
the trend to move to higher frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum (LI-FI:
Light Fidelity-The Transmission of Data through Light, 2017).

Parts of Li-Fi

Technology comprises of four elements. These elements are-


source- (Abdulhussain Shuriji, 2014)

 In last ten years, LED has been deployed in
almost every business place, homes, and hospitals and everywhere because of its
energy efficient and light infrastructure. Along with this, the cell sizes have
also been reduced as compare to the old wave communication networks which is
known as attocells (Abdulhussain Shuriji, 2014). The major reason for adopting
Li-Fi technology are- it is cost effective, continuous traffic updates,
consoles games, television interaction and covers every distance. Li-Fi is no
longer a concept or an idea but a proven technology, albeit still at its
infancy (LI-FI: Light Fidelity-The Transmission of
Data through Light, 2017). But as many of the scientists have tested this
technology and soon it will replace the Wi-Fi technology.


Project Hypothesis

the process of making this report, the methodology that has been adopted is the
quantitative method. Under this, various models and tools are used to find out
the best results out of the research. It is a systematic investigation in which
various statistical, mathematical and empirical techniques are used. Hypothesis
test will be conducted for the above report in which various hypotheses will
found out and a valid test result will be implemented.


How to Test the Hypothesis

conduct a hypothesis test, we will follow the basic procedure. The procedure has
following steps:


STEP I- Stating the

various hypotheses are:

1 (H1)- Li-Fi technology will reduce the traffic which will result
in efficient communication.

2 (H2)- Li-Fi technology will reduce the cost and will be cost

3 (H3)- Availability of Li-Fi Technology can affect its demand.

4 (H4)- Li-Fi technology is safe and secure way of transmission of

hypotheses will be further being concluded as null hypothesis or alternative
hypothesis, which means one, is false and other is true.




STEP II- Formulation of
analysis plan

plan describes the ways to use the sample data. In this report, the plan will
be analyzed by following some specific elements. Sample data will be collected
from the questionnaire in which questions will be asked from the users using
Li-Fi technology and to analyze the data, we will use the value 0.10. Other is
the Test method in which mean and difference between the proportions will be

STEP III- Analyzing the
sample data

the help of sample data collected from the questionnaire, analysis will be done
in order to understand which hypothesis is null and which is alternative. A
null hypothesis involves mean and proportion. Here the data will be analyzed
with the help of test statistics method. The formula for test statistic is

Statistic= Stats- parameter (here parameter is 0.10)

STEP IV- Interpreting the

is the final step which interprets the result from analysis. The analyzed
result will help in interpreting the likely, unlikely or null hypothesis.




above report is an overview on the hypothesis test on Li-Fi technology. Li-Fi
technology is the future of wireless communication which will soon gather a
huge importance in technology industry. If the hypothesis will be done
correctly then it can help the readers in finding out whether this upcoming
technology will prove helpful or not. Along with this, the report has given
four steps in which a detailed hypothesis test can be conducted. The researchers
are testing this technology from every aspect and it will surely come up with a
drastic change in wireless industry.


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