Excellent great communication to resolve any kind of doubts

Excellent customer services and relationships

In book retail,
customer services is listening to customers and help them to settling their
issues so they could stay cheerful and loyal. Since POPULAR have many different
races of customers for visiting the bookstore, thus all of the staffs are been
trained to have the ability to speak multiple language especially English
language to their customers. Hence, the POPULAR staff can speak clearly and could
give a great communication to resolve any kind of doubts from customers in
order to integrates good customer relationship and provide the excellent
services to their respected customers. Additionally, language is part of their
communication way, still the imperative part is the deliverance towards the
customers. For example, the gesture and politeness when conversing with the
customers and furthermore the receptionist and any other staff on duty that beginning
the rule of affability towards their customers.

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Bookstore Ikano Power Centre, the customer service quality is quite outstanding.
Those who in contact with the customers play important roles in service
quality. Whenever the customers came in the bookstore, the staffs will show
respect and very responsive and also saying thank you to customers after every
transaction is one of the good habit of their customer service. In addition, staff
will offered instant service of application for POPULAR card to customers to
let them enjoy the goodies, treats, and unbeatable discounts in the bookstore. And
also, the staff will distributed POPCLUB magazine to customers who to know for
the latest events and news that held over the specific period and they will
respond quickly to all inquiries of customers who is trying to search for
information and will be back in touch. Therefore, the high service quality is
necessary for the establishment of strong relationship with customers.

At last,
excellent customer services often happening consistently when the customers
have been served politely with a proper manner and this have make sure customers
are satisfied with not only know what products to sell, but also the process of
purchasing, ordering, communicating with the staffs, etc. Hence, accepting
every bit feedback from customers is valuable to the company, whenever it is positive
or negative. Because by doing so, staffs might manage to get
interaction with the customers and could be on their way for providing
particular excellent customer services to them. From this strength, POPULAR
really make a great efforts to build customer’s trust and rapport because
customer relationship is a very important factor towards success.


Higher Customer Retention Rate and Better Feedback

POPULAR bookstore has a long-term
relationship with their customers because company that truly listen to their
customers are the ones with the most loyal customers. According to
NGData,”customer retention often is faster and, on average, costs up to
seven times less than customer acquisition” Therefore, the strategy of
customer retention is what POPULAR did and create to keep their customers
coming back for more.

POPULAR IPC has a good ranking in
social media such as Facebook. The environment of their bookstore is giving the
customers a unique and refreshing touch because the bookstore has transforming
a simple reading space into a LOHAS one by using both living plants and modern
art. In addition, POPULAR have use a creative looking yet classy terrariums to
enhance the environment with a touch of class and the customers will feels as
they entering a refreshing paradise. This is because when the surrounding area
like best sellers section and especially the customer services counter is
filled with green plants and unique diamond shape of terrariums, this will
leads to the preservation of existing customers feel comfortable and attracted
by new ones. Besides that, there are physical evidence such as the lighting,
air conditioning system, soft music, and few red long beaches provided on the
reading area for customers to have a relax time. Hence, those physical
evidences that have met customer expectations could enhance the relationship
strength also. Lastly, with the enhancement of environment quality, customer
loyalty and satisfaction raises.

Furthermore, the staffs will offer
customers good quality information and appropriate knowledge that relates to
what the customers interested in by keeping them updated with the latest
promotion, news and events that happens in POPULAR bookstore. Then, whoever
subscribed POPULAR official website, customers could receive the latest news
and the discount that up to 75% for POPULAR member when they make orders for
Chinese titles only. And also, customers is satisfied with the POPULAR online
delivery services, the delivery time frame after confirmation of order for
books from Taiwan and Malaysia is around 2-4 weeks. Although the delivery time
is quite long but customers is happy with quality of parcels they received and
the good condition of the books. Once the staffs is able to fulfilled
customers’ needs and wants, they will receive better feedback via email from
their valued customers to thank for their friendliness services. A happy
customer is a retained customer, with the strong competitive advantages of

Gain more social interaction between workers and customers

bookstore is a local community treasure. The use of the word “Treasure”
conservatively, because that sounds so trite and well, profitable, variety of
books and musical albums, and good customer services and relationships. For those
customers who come in POPULAR to shop, the most important thing for them is a
comfortable space, range of services, and the ability and behavior of staffs.
Hence, customer feedback is a key point that provides actionable insight to
create good customer experience.

The human factor
is vitally important in the retailing industry, is an important resource of the
company. Never judge a book by its cover, all customers deserve attention
regardless of their age or appearance. Therefore, POPULAR staffs should be
receptive observant, in order to understand what customers are looking for, then
examine the situation well before offering a solution. Besides that, staffs
should also facilitate customer needs, if customers ask for where the books or accessories
placed at, the staffs have to direct them to the correct zone with politeness.
As a result, the more they can gauge their customers’ preferences, the more
social interaction linked together between staffs and customers.

These days, the
way of people shop is also changed significantly with the growth in the social
media. Social media is a platform where they can interact with customers
regularly, it can be in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, in order to target even more
readers to pay a visit in POPULAR. Furthermore, customers can visit the
bookstore following the ratings, recommendations and reviews posted by others
about that specific store and especially posts from customers about their
shopping experience as well as the feedback or opinion to strengthen the
performance of bookstore. The increase of visibility within POPULAR through
social media can be one of the competitive advantages to attract customers, and
it enable the staffs listen to the suggestions of their customers and reply to customer’s
comments. Then, the use of social media is able to make the staffs to interact
with customers and keep them connected with the bookstore and cultivate
customer loyalty.




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