Exams courses are avail­able for certification. Certification Courses NPTEL

Exams are being con­ducted
twice a year which aim at bridg­ing the gap be­tween acad­e­mia and in­dus­try.
On suc­cess­ful com­ple­tion of the course, an in-per­son, proc­tored exam can
be taken by pay­ing a nom­i­nal fee. Those who pass the exam will be awarded a

There are many Cer­ti­fi­ca­tion
courses are of­fered by NPTEL in as­so­ci­a­tion with in­dus­try part­ners
like NASS­COM and Google. Cur­rently 159 courses are avail­able
for certification.

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Certification Courses

NPTEL con­tents are used
by var­i­ous ed­u­ca­tional in­sti­tu­tions as part of their teach­ing-learn­ing
process. While fac­ulty mem­bers are using these con­tents as part of their les­son
plan to teach uni­ver­sity cur­ricu­lum, stu­dents are using NPTEL not only to
pre­pare for tech­ni­cal jobs and com­pet­i­tive exams, but also as a plat­form
for con­stant learn­ing and up­dat­ing knowl­edge for the ever chang­ing en­vi­ron­ment
and mar­ket re­al­i­ties. NPTEL con­tents are de­signed such that they en­hance
and com­ple­ment stu­dent’s res­i­den­tial learn­ing ex­pe­ri­ence at their
given institutions.

Impact of NPTEL

Fol­low­ing that, a sig­nif­i­cant
in­fra­struc­ture for the pro­duc­tion of video based teach­ing ma­te­r­ial by
the in­sti­tutes was set up. As of June 2017, ap­prox­i­mately 1200+ video
courses and web based courses have been de­vel­oped by the fac­ulty mem­bers of
these institutions.

The idea of hav­ing a
Tech­nol­ogy en­hanced learn­ing ini­tia­tive in­volv­ing IITs and In­dian In­sti­tutes
of Man­age­ment (IIMs) was first pro­posed by IISc Ban­ga­lore in the year 1999
im­me­di­ately fol­low­ing a Work­shop on Tech­nol­ogy En­hanced Learn­ing
(WoTEL) con­ducted in Ban­ga­lore in col­lab­o­ra­tion with Carnegie?Mel­lon?Uni­ver­sity (CMU),
Pitts­burgh, USA.

History of the Programme

The main ob­jec­tive of
NPTEL is to make learn­ing ma­te­r­ial avail­able to stu­dents of en­gi­neer­ing
and management in­sti­tu­tions through eas­ier means. The broad aim of the pro­ject
is to fa­cil­itate the com­pet­i­tive­ness of In­dian in­dus­try in the global
mar­kets through im­prov­ing the qual­ity and reach of engineering and
management students.

objective of NPTEL


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