Everyone feel that what work best for me during

Everyone has its own ways of revising the topics of the module. So, to me personally I feel that what work best for me during the e-learning day would be lesson slides, worksheet and quizzes whereas on the other side, things that I felt it is not beneficial to the learning would be participation in discussion forum, learning through video, to complete worksheet before attending the following day lesson. Reason being that discussion forum needs to wait for all the teammates to contribute and what if they last minutes participate means we are unable to complete task 2 usually evaluate teammates comments as well as it doesn’t learn much also. In this case if it’s a fixed requirement to be done, it would be better to have a communication management plan whereby the one of the team member can take turn in reminding the team stakeholders via using the method of push out via devices. As for the video learning, the voice of the speaker is irritating and annoying, would be better if there’s Singaporean speaker adding on with learning slides given is much easier to refer as compared to video that need pausing and unable to do the work search. If needed, I can send an email to inform the module chair of my concern and suggestion for further improvise the learning experience. Knowing that we are heading to school for the lessons but we must complete the worksheet beforehand and submit, I feel as a student we had final year project adding on other modules to attend to thus consume lots of individual time and efforts. It will be better if the worksheet to be completed at school itself on that day of lesson.  Meaning to say we can make use of project status report whereby it gives us an overview of the previous lesson that I had learnt and to write down the plans for next week e.g. completing worksheet for the next lesson as well as the potential issues that I will be facing therefore it allows me to re-strategies my work. ?


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