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Everybody has at least one very good friend in their life. These friends help you with everyday problems, allow you to achieve your goals, and help you get through tough times. I believe that this is the theme in the novel Of Mice and Men which is written by the author John Steinbeck. In the novel the main characters George and Lennie travel to a ranch for work. Multiple times in the novel, both George and Lennie show why they are very good friends by standing up for each other in different situations. They also share secrets and ideas, and trust each other about almost everything. One of the themes shown in the novel Of Mice and Men is, Friendships produce trustworthy, reliable, truthful people that will always stick up for you. One of the things friends do is that they are reliable and tell the truth about each other. While at the bunkhouse, George is first introduced to Slim, one of the barley picking team leaders. During a conversation between the two, Slim asks if George travels with lennie, and george responds by saying, “‘Sure… We kinda look after each other.’ He indicated Lennie with his thumb. ‘He ain’t bright. Hell of a good worker, though. Hell of a nice fella, but he ain’t bright'” (34). This quote shows George talking to Slim about his best friend, Lennie. This shows George’s friendship when he says both him and Lennie look after each other. George also is truthful and reliable when he tells Slim about Lennie’s characteristics such as his hard work ethic, and slow thought process. Friends stick up for each other when they are being mocked by others. By the end of the first day, George and most of the other workers go into town for a bit. However Lennie stays back to be with his new puppy. On his way to the barn, Lennie runs into the black worker named Crooks. After talking for a bit, Crooks puts the idea that maybe George gets hurt and decides to leave the ranch and leave Lennie there. This works up Lennie, and he starts to defend his friend: “‘Who hurt George?… Ain’t nobody goin’ to suppose no hurt to George” (72). Lennie is standing up for George by telling Crooks that George isn’t hurt, and he will return safely. He is also standing up for his friend by telling Crooks that his best friend wouldn’t leave Lennie all by himself. Friends trust each others words and thoughts. After being introduced to their bunkmates, and learning about both Curley and Curley’s Wife, George and Lennie have some alone time in the bunkhouse. Lennie becomes scared after George tells him to stay away from both Curley and Curley’s wife. He tells george that he doesn’t want to stay here anymore: “‘Le’s go, George. Le’s get outta here. It’s mean here.’ ‘We gotta stay,’ George said” (33). This quote shows that Lennie is scared of the ranch because it is a scary environment. George tells Lennie that they have to stay because they need the money. Lennie doesn’t say anything else after, which shows how much trust he is putting on George. Throughout the novel, truthfulness, Reliability, and trustability are all shown as characteristics in a friendship. Both George and Lennie show these characteristics, whether it be standing up for a friend when they’re being mocked, trusting each other with their heart, or being truthful about each other to new and unfamiliar people. This shows that friendship is something that everybody needs. People need to remember that friends aren’t something you can pluck off a tree, and having friendships are a privilege that not everybody has.


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