Every test scores,I think otherwise. Once again, others may

Every classroom should
have a teacher who is well-experienced in the course that they teach. Salaries
of  teachers should be based on their ability
to educate students the best they can so when standardized tests arrive they’ll
be able to perform well. Workers who show up to their job and fail to educate
their students correctly should receive a deduction from their paycheck.
Although it is the teacher’s responsibility to educate his or her students, the
students should also put effort in wanting to learn. Some may argue that teacher’s
salaries should not be based on students test scores,I think otherwise.

again, others may think that teacher’s salaries should not be based on test
scores but I believe that should be the case. Some teachers show up at work
just to get by and receive an income. According to Publicschoolreview.com, using students test scores as a factor in
deciding which teachers should earn tenure will allow principals to make sure
that they retain the highest-quality teachers on their faculty, argue
supporters of plans like Bloomberg’s. (Performance-Based Pay). This shows that
when teachers are being evaluated principals have a better idea of who they
want and don’t want in the classroom. With that being said, there are still
individuals who believe teachers salaries should be based on standardized test
scores. A few people may wonder how some teachers salaries remain the same even
if students are failing tests. This may not be a fair way to pay a teacher but
it seems as if this is the only way teachers will be motivated to teach his or
her students the best they can. It seems like teachers are not motivated to
improve their teaching skills towards students in the classroom, and this is
why teachers pay should depend on the performance of the students. Also, this
will give a better education to students. According to Macleans.ca, Back in the fall of 2007, Barack Obama was vocal in
his support of merit-pay for teachers. “If you excel at helping your students
achieve success, your success will be valued and rewarded as well,” he told a
crowd of teachers in Philadelphia. (Mendleson). This shows that this is not
unfair on reimbursing teachers based on their performance in the classroom. If
teachers put effort in trying their very best to get the students to understand
what they’re teaching & most of the students understand then they’ll get
paid according to their fine work performance.

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            Additionally, I believe teachers salaries should be based
on student test scores. To me there are many good teachers out there who are
willing to educate their students the best they can while there are also many
lazy ones. According to, Centerforinquiry.net,
The Atlanta public school cheating scandal has, of course, brought this issue
to the front page. It has highlighted the extent to which teachers and school
administrators feel pressured to have their students perform well on
standardized tests (We Should Not). This shows that teachers have to be pushed
to perform well in the classroom towards their students. If teachers must be
pushed to do something such as wanting to teach students like they’re supposed
to then that shows itself that their work performance is low. Many teachers
have become too complacent. Teachers see satisfying hours and pleasant holidays
that come three months a year for them and they don’t seem to care about
anything else but that so they tend to do whatever they’d like and teaching
students is not one of them. These teachers receive great salaries and lovely benefits
including health insurance but just because they get that doesn’t guarantee
that they’ll change their work performance. According to, Theglobeandmail.com, “Beyond the first few years of teaching, when
effectiveness does appear to increase, there is no obvious reason why teachers
should receive automatic yearly pay increases – and why a lazy and ineffective
teacher should be paid the same as a hard-working, dedicated and effective
teacher,” said Sachin Maharaj, the report’s author and a high school teacher at
the Toronto District School Board (Teachers’ pay should). This shows that there
are teachers who are just in the classroom just to be there to get a paycheck.
Laziness is unacceptable especially when it comes to education. The pro for
teachers being paid based on students test scores helps teachers learn where
their students stand in the classroom academically, and this shows that
teachers would like to provide help to students in areas that they’re weak in.
On the other hand, there is also a con for teachers pay being based on test
scores. The con is that tests can’t be the summation of everything a student
has learned. There’s a lot of students who do well on assignments but have
problems with tests.  Some teachers
believe that they are teachers just to take attendance and make sure they’re
teaching the material without even caring if the students understand or not.
They also believe their salaries should be based on the number of students they
teach. There are a lot of teachers unwilling to do his or her part in the
classroom. Most of the time their assignments tend to be inadequate, they lack
feelings, and also fail to help students knowing their weakness in a certain
area of the work that’s given to them. As a result, students must suffer the
consequences of the poor teaching.

`           Moreover, some individuals think teacher’s salaries
shouldn’t be based on standardized test scores. Although, people may think
teacher’s salaries shouldn’t be based on test scores there are pros and cons to
this. The pro of teacher’s salaries being based on student test scores is that
it allows bad teachers to be removed easier. According to, Thoughtco.com, standard teacher contracts make it difficult to
terminate employment, but a performance based pay contract makes it easier to
remove a bad teacher (Meador). The con of this is that teachers pay being based
on students test scores is that it can potentially be costly to the district. School
districts across the United States are already cashed strapped. Teachers on a
performance based contract do receive a base salary. They receive a “bonus” for
meeting specific objectives and goals. As a result, this “bonus” money can add
up quickly (Meador). In this case it’s not only about the teachers and what
they do. If a student is constantly sick and they have missed most of the
school year the teacher shouldn’t be responsible for still educating the
student. People might say the student still needs to make up the work, but it’s
hard to make up work when you feel sick all the time. According to Parentsacrossamerica.org, Research shows
that the carrot of higher pay does not lead to better results. Also, in an authoritative
study conducted at Vanderbilt University, for example, teachers who were
offered bonuses for improving student test results produced no more improvement
than the control group (Tying Teacher Salaries). This shows that it’s not
always the teachers fault. Also, how can teachers control what the students do?
Just because a student was either sick or had a bad day and performed awfully
on a test doesn’t mean it’s the teachers fault. It’s understandable that merit
pay encourages teachers to teach better, but they should be able to do that
without encouragement. There are plenty reasons on why teachers who do a great
job teaching their students get an unfair pay. The student could be ill most of
the year and never comes to class and fails on his or her own merit. Another
scenario could also be the student moving from another country. The student
would then have to take a major test in a strange language and the teacher
would get paid a certain amount because of it. This is completely unfair and
wouldn’t be the teachers fault. Teachers shouldn’t be paid based on the
student’s performances on just one test because tests don’t define
intelligence. According to Fairtest.org,
Independent researchers have found that evaluating and paying teachers for test
scores is either damaging or irrelevant to improved learning (Paying Teachers
for). This basically means students abilities and their work ethic are as
diverse as they are. Say a teacher gets smart, hardworking students in their
classes. Being that they are smart and hardworking students, their performance
will be high, and they will naturally do well. However, if that same exact
teacher gets a class full of slower and lazier students, their performance will
be low. Yes, teachers can teach all kinds of students and help to improve their
knowledge and abilities, but for their pay to be based on student’s performance
on tests is unfair because much of their pay would be based upon factors which
they can’t control. It’d be unfair for teachers to depend on a student’s
performance because those with learning disabilities whose performance might
always be poor or for those that require extra assistance doesn’t necessarily
count. Also, this does not count for students who have behavior issues that has
nothing to do with school. Another aspect that this doesn’t account for is
parent involvement which might change the outcome of the student’s performance.
As has been noted, no teacher pay should be based on students test scores.

shown above, there are many diverse opinions on how teachers should be paid. I
believe they should be paid on their performance while others believe teachers
pay should be based on students test scores. It’s unfair for teachers to be
paid based on test scores because some students don’t apply themselves in the
classroom an order for them to understand the material being taught in class.
Instead, students would rather either be on their cellular devices texting or
even holding side conversations with other classmates rather than pay attention
to the teacher. On the other hand, I believe teachers salaries should be based
on student test scores. The reason why I think this is because teachers should
be able to provide enough information on the material being taught in class to
the students so that they are able to understand thoroughly. This will allow
the students to perform well on tests. 


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