Ever research interest includes inorganic chemistry, solid state chemistry,

Ever since I was young, I have always wanted to understand
how to solve complex chemistry problems, and how these mechanisms work at a
fundamental level. Therefore, I continue to pursue my passion with my studying
in Chemical Engineering of the Department of Chemical and Biochemical
Engineering at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey.

Since completing my undergraduate degree, I have had the
opportunity to work on a number of interesting and diverse research projects
over the last few years. I researched and wrote detailed reports and proposal
on developing and refining cosmetic formulas to rectify stability. I also conducted
research on different coating techniques to improve wear or corrosion
resistance by setting up laboratory apparatus, performing the experiments,
interpreting the results, and presenting my findings to upper management and
colleagues in the meetings within the organization. Furthermore, I used my
analytical and engineering skills to identify and improve product quality, develop
quality trend graphs and charts. As a result, I was successful in achieving
production goals of increasing line efficiency and reducing contaminated
containers. I also have experiences in performing stability testing in the laboratory
to find a seal and closure for a variety of different chemistry products with
new and existing formulas and writing comprehensive and detailed technical
reports for each project based on the test results, finding and observation of
the experiments. These experiences have given me a valuable insight into the
research process.  And I realized I could
advance my knowledge in the field of chemistry. Laboratory research has always
been my passion since the end result of gaining knowledge is captivating. I
believe these experiences have served to complement the education that I
received at Rutgers University and to strengthen my fascination with Chemistry.
Indeed, I have found both professionally challenging and personally rewarding
to decide to earn a doctorate in graduate school and to pursue an academic

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Furthermore, Rutgers has an exciting interdisciplinary
program that is impressive. I think that Rutgers, Department
of Chemistry & Chemical Biology, is one of the largest
and leading research institutions in the state for an aspiring Ph.D. candidate.
My research interest includes inorganic chemistry, solid state chemistry, and
materials chemistry, especially synthesis, properties and application of
inorganic nanoscale functional materials. I particularly look forward to the opportunity
to study with Professor Tewodros Asefa, whose work is in the design and
synthesis of nanomaterials for biological, medical, and biosensing applications as well as for solar cell applications. I
am fascinated by his recent work, “Efficient electrocatalysis of overall water
splitting by ultrasmall NixCo3?xS4 coupled Ni3S2 nanosheet arrays,” in which he
carefully examined the method of electrolyzing water (or the water splitting reaction) involved with the
hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) and the and the oxygen evolution reaction
(OER) to study a high-performance electrolyzer that contains NixCo3?xS4/
Ni3S2/NF, resulting in an increased
efficiency of the electrocatalytic water splitting reaction. This research is
aligned with my own interests, in which I wish to use a similar technique to determine how to further utilize the overall
performance of the electrolyzer to contribute to finding a more suitable energy generating and storage device. I am
also interested in the work by Professor Li Jing, with the main focus on the
development of solid-state inorganic and inorganic-organic hybrid materials. In “A Multifunctional
Organic?Inorganic Hybrid Structure Based on MnIII?Porphyrin and Polyoxometalate
as a Highly Effective Dye Scavenger and Heterogenous Catalyst,” she developed a two-step
synthesis strategy of unique layered
polyoxometalate–MnIII–metalloporphyrin-based hybrid material to study the combined hybrid structure with
multiple functional groups, resulting in greater product yields and many potential
applications. Given my interest, Rutgers is one of the best places for me to pursue my Ph.D. Also, Rutgers’ curriculum is appealing to
me because its emphasis on research focus and coursework that brings research
to the industry as well as academia, an
area in which I would like to receive more training as I begin my career.

In addition, the positions I have held, both in classroom
work and within these various organizations, have instilled me with the depth
and maturity to excel in such stimulating and challenging environment and provided
me significant teaching satisfaction and latitude. In my sophomore year at
college, I served as a peer tutor at the Tutoring Center, a position that is
acquired only through faculty
recommendation. I tutored freshmen undergraduates in Chemistry, Math, and
Physics. Additionally, I served as a peer mentor for the Minority Access to the
Professions Scholars program. While at Middlesex County College, I served as a president
of the Vietnamese Student Association and I have become an active member of Phi
Theta Kappa National Honor Society, and
Chemistry Club. In my junior and senior year at Rutgers, I served as a Math
tutor for Student Support Services and a proctor for Office of Disability
Services. Through my involvement in the Douglass Project for Rutgers Women in
Math, Science, and Engineering as a Peer
Mentor, I have been able to advise students about the selection of courses,
summer jobs, and internship opportunities. As of now, I am a student leader in
Chemistry and Math Workshop in which I prepare the teaching materials and major
concepts for a diverse group of students, from young students to adult
students. I also volunteer in many major events of college, such as College
Open House and STEM, in which I am responsible to introduce the academic
programs and answer questions that parents and prospective students might have.
As a result, I have received a Certificate of Excellent, and Student Leader of
the Year Award, and many academic scholarships. Recently, I have been nominated
by the Board of Trustee of the MCC Alumni Association, and become elected Trustee-at-Large, in which I serve a two-year
term to promote MCC’s educational goals and values.

I am therefore applying for admission to Rutgers’ science
doctoral program with the research assistantship and teaching assistantship
option. Throughout my experiences as an undergraduate, and working in the
industry, I have learned that research is a rewarding process. This direction
is also aligned with my interests, skills, and goals. I realize that as a
graduate student, I will be expected to spend a vast majority of time in the
laboratory performing research. This field is also my passion. I think my
determination and passion in the pursuit of knowledge, accompanied by my other
qualifications, can lead to success as a student in the graduate program at
Rutgers University. It is my goal to become highly skilled and to contribute to the tradition of success at Rutgers
University. Indeed, I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to learn from
one of the most respected professors at Rutgers. My professors use what they
have learned through their research to make their classes more exciting and to
communicate the relevance of important concepts to their students. They also
use their knowledge of current and even latest research in their field of
interest to give students a sense of theoretical history, background and a
promise of future application. I look forward to learning more about a wide
range of chemical ideas in graduate school. I am glad that I have been able to
incorporate concepts from many different mathematical, chemical, and
engineering fields into my research projects, and I plan to use a similar approach
in the future. In conclusion, I am eager to take what I have learned so far,
and add it to a rigorous study of higher education. I know this combination can
be used for a greater good.




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