Event Dorcabune liuchengensis, Megalovis guangxiensis, and Cervavitus (Cervoceros) fenqii.

Event of some old species infers that this fauna is Early Pleistocene, for example, Hystrix magna, Sinomastodon yangziensis, Stegodon huananensis,Ailuropoda microta, Pachycrocuta licenti, Tapirus sanyuanensis, Hespertherium sp., and Dorcabune liuchengense.Comparisons to officially dated early Pleistocene faunas in South China, joined with preparatory paleomagnetic, electron turn reverberation (ESR) and U-arrangement examination of this buckle, show mammalian fauna age around 1.7 Ma. For some time, this site has been perceived to contain an Early Pleistocene faunal array in light of the closeness of age-old taxa, which includes the following: Gomphotherium serridentoides, Nestoritherium praesinensis, Tapirus sanyuanensis, Ailuropoda microta, Pachycrocuta licenti, Dorcabune liuchengensis, Megalovis guangxiensis, and Cervavitus (Cervoceros) fenqii.  The topographical age of this fauna is assessed biostratigraphically to be center Early Pleistocene.  The Longgupo faunal gathering is like that of Liucheng and Chuifeng, biostratigraphically dated to be the Early Pleistocene. The substantial warm-blooded creature faunal gathering incorporates 5 Carnivora species and 8 species of Artiodactyla. After being correlated with known mammalian faunas in southern China, the Bijie fauna is to some extent younger than Longgupo, older than Jianshi, and around the same age as Liucheng, Early Pleistocene. There have been a few gives in faunas detailed, which include, the early Pleistocene Baikong, Boyue, Queque faunas and the center Pleistocene Hejiang faunas. Methodical and point by point look into has beens led on just the Sanhe Give in fauna. Paleomagnetic dating of the fossil-bearing strata in the Sanhe Surrender gives a time of around 1.2 Ma. (2014) express that the Sinomastodon stays from Mohui Buckle, like those from Longgupo and Liucheng, ought to be relegated into Sinomastodon yangziensis which is morphologically extraordinary the crude species Sinomastodon jiangnanensis .  Consequently, for advance examination, we join six faunas in the Bubing Bowl running from early Pleistocene to Holocene, including past two faunas from Holocene Cunkong Give in and center Pleistocene Wuyun Buckle. In the Wuyun Give in, exhumed travertine and warm- blooded animal fossils have been dated to 200-300 ka applying U-arrangement and Electron Turn Reverberation examinations. At present, just several early Pleistocene give in faunas have been found in South China, for example, Longgupo , Liucheng , Longgudong , and Sanhe. All of the substantial well evolved creature species from the Mohui Buckle can be found in fauna arrangements of Longgupo, Liucheng, and Longgudong hollows, yet some antiquated species are missing in Sanhe, for instance Ailuropoda microta, Pachycrocuta licenti, Tapirus sanyuanensis, Hespertherium sp., andDorcabune liuchengense. In light of biostratigraphical investigation of mammalian faunas, the land times of the Longgudong Give and Sanhe Give in faunas were assessed between the Olduvai and Jaramillo scenes (1.1-1.8 Ma).


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