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Even though the politics of the Republic of Poland on LGBT issues based on predominantly Catholic religion thoughts, there have been still certain debates on improving fundamental human rights. The new constitution’s unclearness about the discrimination has created one of the first campaign against homophobia and discrimination on sexual orientation and also sexual characteristics in Poland which has been called “Let Them See Us” that has been happened just after the proposals of gay marriage and civil partnership which has been organized by Campaign Against Homophobia group (Kampania Przeciwko Homofobii/KPH) that is an LGBT NGO working on promoting lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans rights as well as trying to create a tolerant atmosphere for LGBT individuals in Polish society (Mizielinska & Stasinska, 2017). The main idea of this campaign was to show that LGBT individuals exist in the society like heterosexual individuals and society cannot ignore them anymore. Several slogans of the campaign were “We are everywhere” that has been stated that homosexuals are not alone in this country, but, none of the other slogans have been showed actual exhaustion of being ignored like queer slogan of “We Are Here, We Are Queer, Get Fucking Used to It” has shown (Downing & Gillett, 2011). However, the reaction of the campaign was clearly unexpected which ended up with enormously negative and homophobic comments by the members of the political parties, especially League of Polish Families and the traditionalist youth organization All-Polish Youth, and also the destruction of protests, meetings, billboards and beyond. The Let Them See Us campaign is now one of the very important histories of Polish LGBT communities in order to fight for their fundamental rights.

Furthermore, more and more conservative politicians and mayor of cities have practically used the homophobic atmosphere of the Polish society to gain extra power over the political arena by banning the gay parades which was happened under the name of equality, organizing anti – LGBT activities or just simply using the security reasons (Downing & Gillett, 2011), or this equality LGBT Parade would offend and upset the religious population of Poland and their feelings (Selinger, 2008). It is worth being mentioned that lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans group meetings in order to fight for their rights have faced various difficulties and challenges. In addition to that, the offices of LGBT NGO’s have been attacked by traditionalist groups that are against to LGBT movements in the Republic of Poland, attempting to enter and destroy the KPH (Campaign against Homophobia) building and shouting homophobic insults, and more importantly the ruling party of Law and Justice (PiS) as against to LGBT individuals as those nationalist groups (ILGA-Europe, 2017). Therefore, having these anti-democratic and anti-LGBT actions in the Republic of Poland is not actually a surprising result because of the fact that society believe in those political parties that promise to protect and support traditional values and norms of the true Polish people who believe in God and live like a true Catholic Christian and avoiding lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans Polish individuals who seemingly do not belong to Polish society.

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    “Faggots to the gas chamber” and “We’ll do to you what Hitler did to the Jews.” (Selinger, 2008, p:19)

These disgust and hatred slogans have been used by All-Polish Youth groups during the demonstrations for LGBT people, tolerance, sexual orientation, recognition of same-sex marriage that have been organized by feminist groups, greens and LGBT NGOs under the name of The Equality March in cities of Poznan and Krakow (Selinger, 2008). It is exceedingly important to note that Polish society with their traditional values and norms, especially conservative groups and organizations, have shown their attitudes toward LGBT individuals and other groups who are against to their religion, tradition and cultural beliefs and norms.

After Let Them See Us Campaign, there has been another attempt to change the discrimination on the basis of the marriage which allows people to get married only if they are heterosexuals according to Polish Constitution. In 2011, the registered partnership bills have been submitted to the National Assembly by the Democratic Left Alliance Party (SLD) and the Polikot Movement Party, yet, both bills concerning the registered partnership for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans couples have been rejected by the majority of the Polish Parliament, then, after the rejection of the bills, another campaign that supports LGBT rights and marriage in Poland has been started. The campaign has called “Love Does Not Exclude” and the main purpose of the campaign was to inform Polish society about LGBT issues regarding their marriage rights and also draw attention to the Polish Constitution which does not recognize same-sex marriage (Mizielinska & Stasinska, 2017). The way how Love Does Not Exclude campaign works has been clearly almost the same as Let Them See Us campaign, however, this campaign has succeeded to use the newspapers and media to draw attention to the public opinion, several NGOs, and journalists about LGBT issues which brought a satisfactory result to the LGBT community by electing two non-heterosexual deputies who were a gay activist Robert Biedron from Polikot Party and Anna Grodzka activist for transsexual rights to the Polish Parliament for the first time (Mizielinska & Stasinska, 2017). These two major debates concerning registered partnership for the same-sex couples in Poland has absolutely increased the awareness about lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans problems in Polish society and at the same time brought questions to the Polish public regarding their constitution to change in order to create an equal atmosphere for both homosexual and heterosexual citizens of the Republic of Poland. Following to these events, on 13th of September in 2017, the European Parliament has completed a meeting about the human rights situations in Poland and the outcome of it was to solve the country’s constitutional crisis which was referring to Article 18 about the definition of marriage and also Article 32 that declares no one shall be discriminated no matter what (ILGA-Europe, 2017). Because of the fact that the new Constitution of Poland has been created with the influence of the Church and has numerous articles which are not defined properly to stop discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans individuals, respectively, solving these problems without Constitutional support has been failed time after time.


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