EU is united on the matter. Despite U.S.’ position,

EU officially adopts a two-state solution as the only
viable route towards a peace agreement in the Middle East. The High Representative of EU for Foreign
Affairs and Security Policy, Federica Mogherini, states that Jerusalem should
serve as a capital for both Israel and Palestine and highlighted that EU is
united on the matter. Despite U.S.’ position, she reassured that EU will
respect the current consensual agreement between the two states until the
conflict ends, proposing, at the same time, more direct negotiations.


Last March EU reopened the debate for peace during a
meeting of Mogherini and Abbas, the Palestinian Authority President, in
Brussels, where both sides agreed to make the resolution of the conflict a top
priority in their agendas. Mogherini acknowledged the
importance to support Palestinians both politically and financially during
their effort for peace and called Trump’s administration to take part in the
discussions and avoid any actions that undermine the two-state cooperation. A few months later, on December 6, U.S.’ President Donald
Trump officially recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, a decision that
outraged the Arab world.

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Both Russia and United Kingdom deemed Trump’s decision
as ‘not helpful’ but EU insisted that U.S. will play a crucial role in the
discussions. In the following days, EU scheduled two meetings,
one with Jordan’s Foreign Minister and one with Israeli Prime Minister, where
Mogherini stressed the fact that EU envisions a Palestinian State with each own
land and rejected Netanyahu’s call to follow U.S.’ recognition and move their
embassies in Jerusalem. During their meeting she insisted that
the only realistic solution is the two-state coexistence on the Holy City but
until then peace comes first, while Netanyahu insinuated that the American side
had a new proposal in mind without revealing any meaningful details. 


Many European countries suggested that Jerusalem’s
status should be decided upon the end of the conflict and that Trump’s move
will only worsen the relations between the two states. As a matter of fact, Hezbollah
already announced their focus on the Palestinian cause and, after the rally in
Beirut, Nasrallah called for a ‘united strategy’ in the confrontation with
Israel. EU became even more pressured to act upon their role
as a mediator as the voices condemning Israel are growing bigger everyday even
inside European Member-States, such as the anti-Israeli protests in Germany.


EU agrees that now it is not the time to ‘disengage’ and
will keep on working together with Palestinian people and UNRWA to help the
Palestinian refugees, refusing any ‘blank’ initiative coming from the U.S
administration. Mogherini
emphasized that now more than ever peace is evidently the only way and calls the
American President, who is currently facing international isolation for his
positions, for more serious proposals.