English sounds best in English’. This is the view

was the biggest language that have been use for worldwide and the most Asian
country had use this language as their second language such as Singapore,
Malaysia, Philipine, South Korea and include Japan. How far the use of english
language is difference in every country. This is due to the Western influence
to each of the country and Japan was not missed it. Japan popular music or
j-pop has strongly influenced by the West and Western language is also being
influence to the industry.

the trend of merger in the J-pop industry is the use of English towards their
songs. According to Paul Wheeler said ‘Sometimes
Japanese musicians themselves prefer to write their songs in english, feeling
that rock music should be sung in the language it was born into, and they
believe that it sounds best in English’. This is the view of him shows
Japanese song writer were prefer to put english language into the lyrics as
they things it works to create a nice songs to shows up in the industry.
However, the Japanese society had worry with this trend since they culture was
pried with Asian roots.

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was not only being use in the Japanese songs but it has also implement towards
the instruments as well. There are various of instrument had been use by the
many Japanese artists taken from the western world. For example, Masahiro Ando
who is one of the Japanese artist had talent in playing guitar. Another,
Abingdon Boys School is also gain popular with their western music style. To
easily recognize, J-pop and J-rock was a new meaning for the Japanese music
industry while use english or western as a base.


J-pop: The idea
was western style mixed with Japanese style by mixed the english lyrics
together with Japanese lyrics. There is also along with singing and dancing.
Mostly, the pop qualities for j-pop was cause uses of western style music.


J-rock: This was
give new meaning to the today Japanese music. They had use heavy guitar, fast
paced drums, together with a lots of english words and phrases while creating a
unique song for a good sound. They had applied the western idea of rock to
create new style Japanese music.



At the of this
research, there are strong of influence of english and strong in the J-pop
careers. Even, most of the j-pop or j-rock was gain their stability and
popularity in the industry by implement english or western style in their
music. I think that this is also happen in Japan but also in my country which
Malaysia, includes the others such South Korea, Singapore and mores. English
was biggest influence to the music world industry. 


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