English depicted smart, independent girls, and women with lead




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My name is Nour Kari and I am here today to
talk to you about the third wave of feminism. The third wave of feminism
emerged in the 1900s and lasted to the early 2000s. For the most part, it was led
by a group that was so-called generation Xers, who were mostly born in the
1960s and 70s. They came to finish work that was not completed by the second
wave of feminism. The name “Third Wave” was first used by Rebecca Walker, who
was the daughter of Alice Walker a member of the second wave. Some female
members that took part in the third wave of feminism was Jennifer Baumgardner
and Amy Richard who were also the authors of Manifesta: Young Women, Feminism
and The Future (2000). These were young women that were born in the 1970s and
raised by the second wavers. These second wavers raised their daughter to be
high achieving, self-aware, articulate and empowered women.


Some of the ideas and words that the feminists
of the third wave questioned and redefined were women hood, gender, beauty
sexuality, femininity and masculinity.


was a decided change in opinions of gender, with the idea that there are some
characteristics that are strictly male and others that were strictly female,
which was also another thing that the third wave feminist were fighting
against. Third wave feminists were more focused on women and girls of colour
than the first and second waves. Also in opposition to stereotypical appearances
of women as slutty, passive weak, demanding, virginal, emasculating and


wave feminist’s redefined women and girls as assertive, powerful and in control
of their own sexuality. After hard work finally, Media programing for children
progressively depicted smart, independent girls, and women with lead roles. The
self-expression “girl power” also proved popular.



















            Straight off the bat, Evey is seen
putting on makeup, fixing her hair and wearing a dress, and Evey is shown to be
and object of male gaze which is a term used by feminist.  Right after that scene we see Evey leaving
her house and she runs into men that were seducing her and mocking her. When
she pulled out a pepper spray one of the men said, “kitty’s got claws” assuming
she is weak because she is a woman. All the attributes of femininity are
demonstrated within Evey when she is sexually objectified. Evey repeatedly
relies on the male character to save her because she is not able to defend


            Moreover, when Deitrich see’s Evey
he immediately say’s “I don’t recall ever getting stood up by a more attractive
woman”. Deitrich clearly objectifies Evey and ignores the fact that women are
more than just their looks and not an object to just gaze upon.


            Another instance was when Evey was
used to manipulate the bishop by wearing a short skirt, putting on red lipstick
and having her hair fixed up. This gives the idea that women will be accepted
in society only if they are attractive and they wear revealing clothes.

Furthermore, this relates to the approach that there are certain
characteristics that are strictly male and others that are strictly female. This
also goes back to the idea of how women are often recognized for their body and
physical appearance in society.


In addition to that, when Evey was imprisoned
by V and she started to get notes that were passed on from Valerie to V. when
the notes were being read it was explained that Valerie was a lesbian and her
parents and the society where not accepting her as a person. This was because she
was not acting “womanly”, and being a lesbian is not the norm in that society.

This also relates to the scene with two men in bed and police break in to hurt


            In society, men are expected to be
masculine which is associated with the aggression behavior, domination and
control. On the other hand, women are thought to be the weaker sex, both
physically and mentally.


So therefore, to conclude it is inevitable to
argue against the fact that women across the globe have gone through the most
difficult times, such as being paid considerably less than men, having two
jobs, take care of the house, being labeled and discriminated. Although we’ve
improved greatly over history, we still have a lot of work to be done so that
we can finally make an equal and fair society for all. 


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