Encouraging to communicating more effectively. Team leaders in a

Encouraging a diverse linguistic
environment must come with managers and employees communicating more
effectively. Communication is key in a workplace environment as it the basic
step to achieving the next goal in the company. Feely and Harzing (2003) raise
the question; “What is the best way to manage communications across language
barriers and diversity?” (2003: 38). A created language within a company is the
way the firm communicates. The communication in the company relates to dealing
with people, how they are approached, the words that are being used, the way
you write an email, and how employees interact on a daily basis. Overall, in
order for the company to communicate more effectively between different positions,
communication should start from the top-down through the managers and on to the

should make sure communication between their employees as clear and concise as
possible to reduce miscommunication errors. In order for this to occur,
managers should provide training and workshop opportunities where employees from
all levels can enhance their communication skills in the workplace and in their
daily lives (Freely & Harzing, 2003). Along with this, they should also
provide opportunities for socialization in which all company employees can come
together and interact with one another. Employees that are willing to learn and
improve the language as well as practice it with others are more prone to
communicating more effectively. Team leaders in a company should then monitor
and encourage participation from everyone (Feely & Harzing 2003).

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it comes to employees in companies, either native or non-native speakers of
English, regardless of their position held, there are actions they can take to
communicate more effectively and efficiently across the company. By simplifying
the language and speaking slowly insures straightforward and easy to understand
communication (Feely & Harzing 2012). If an employee has not mastered the
language yet, they should not put too much stress on speaking the foreign
language to avoid miscommunication. All employees should be sensitive when it
comes to challenges that non-native speakers face, this allows them to feel
more comfortable, accepted, and included in the workplace (Henderson, 2005). Everyone
within the company should feel open to always ask questions, receive responses,
be provided examples, and should build in redundancy in the communication
exchange (Harzing, Köster & Magner, 2011). Lastly, if a common corporate
language exists within the company, it will allow all employees to understand everything
that is being discussed between all levels in the company and headquarters and
subsidiaries (Feely & Harzing, 2003). 


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