Electrolysis However, an ophthalmologist, Dr. Charles E Michael carried

Electrolysis is a process that can
separate substances into its original form. During electrolysis, electric
currents are carried through electrolytes which end up in the solution. This
helps the flow of ions. The flow of ions has an important role in a reaction. Electrolysis
occurs in the electrolytic cell. Inside the cell there are two types of
electrodes, one is called the anode and the other is the cathode. The anode has
a positive charge which attracts negative charged ions. And the opposite is
true for the cathode. It has a negative charge which attracts positive charged
ions. Electrolysis was first introduced by Michael Faraday. However, an
ophthalmologist, Dr. Charles E Michael carried out research upon the topic. He
discovered that if a direct current was placed into a salt water solution,
chemical changes took places. This happened because of the movement of ions. He
found out, that sodium hydroxide was one of the solutions. He used this as a
type of hair removal.

Electrolysis can be used for many
things other than just hair removal. For example, cleaning, especially old
artifacts. Since electrolysis can separate substances into its original form,
it can separate the non-metallic particles from the metallic ones in the
artifacts. It also helps take of rust. In this method, iron oxide is removed by
a small passing electrical charge. The charge comes from some sort of battery
or charger through the rusty metal. This simulates an exchange of ions. During
this process, the tool or item is submerged in an electrolyte solution to make
this process more efficient.

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Electrolysis can also be used for
electroplating. Electroplating is where plating one metal onto another by
hydrolysis occurs. An electrical current is passed through electrolytes. Two
electrodes are dipped into the electrolyte connecting them into a circuit. This
circuit has a battery or a different energy supply. After the electricity flows
throughout the circuit, the electrolyte is split up and most metal atoms are left
with a thin layer of the electrodes. Which means it was electroplated. Its most
commonly used for decorations and to prevent corrosion of a metal. Different
types of electroplating are copper, silver and chromium plating. This process
enables producers to use cheaper metals like steel or zinc for most of their
products. They then can apply different types of more expensive metals on the



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