elationships among high schools are common nowadays. At a

elationships among high schools are common nowadays. At a young age, they are already experiencing dating and romantic relationships. We all know that before, most high school students are not allowed to get into a romantic relationship until they graduate or until they are in the right age. But in today’s generation, we noticed that having a relationship at young age is already a thing today. The question is, how does getting into relationship at a young age can help high school students? What can relationship can do to their behavior? And how can high school students handle relationship despite of being you and inexperience? According to Weber, some basic needs of individuals should be fulfilled in order to sustain his or her existence and improvement. The obligation of needs fulfillment, which is classified as physiologic and psychological needs, constitutes the fundamentals of individual behaviors. Values that appear as a criterion in an individual’s opinion, attitude and behaviour also defines the things a person considers important and thus it shows, preferences, desired and undesired things. Values, which are directly related to feelings, opinions and behavior levels, are seen important in the relationship between psychological needs and values. Early drive theories were concerned with physiological. (Weber, 2016) As children, we experience love in the form of affection from our parent and in the form of unconditional care. But that concept does shift as we get older, as we become teens. Researchers found out that the target of our intimacy will change over time. And as it change, the intimacy with peers will replace the intimacy with parents and the intimacy with same-sex friends. In today’s generation, dating at a young age no longer holds the sole purpose the selection of mate. Rather, it has become the introduction to the world of relationship roles, intimacy, romantic love, and sexual experimentation. A romantic relationship at an early age is like a practice to the real thing that is yet to come. Dating during early adolescence involves exchanging contact information, engaging communications via text message, seeing each other at school or when they are available, and maybe even walking through the halls, holding hands to display their couple hood. These things are often done for social status. (Villanueva, 2015)   According to Kate Pickles, teenagers that are in love are more prone to have psychological problems such as depression and alcohol abuse than those who are avoiding romance. Teenagers that are in a relationship have more mental well-being issues that those who are single and those who are older enough to engage themselves into a relationship. It is because the emotional strains of a relationship at a young age are linked to aggression and social withdrawal. (Pickles, 2014) Once teen became a participant in a relationship, there are variety of problems may arise that can make teens feel the pressure, stress, and they can even become neglectful on their other responsibilities. Teenagers are young and inexperienced; they may think that they know what’s best, but parents can see the emotional destruction even before the teen feels it. Teenagers often think that they are in love when the truth is, they are just infatuated. And the infatuation that teens are experiencing can cause them to experience low self-esteem, depression, and devastation when the relationship ends. (Ireland, 2015)


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