Education is moving so fast that if you do

is the learning of different customs, traditions and languages in which knowledge
and skill transferred from one generation to another through teaching, training
and research. It helps in the developing the personality of an individual so
that he/she cannot only improve his life but also the life of others. It
also help them to get good job so they can complete in marketplace. To show
the importance of education Quaid-e-Azam said,

 “Without education it is complete darkness and with
education it is light. Education is a matter of life and death to our nation.
The world is moving so fast that if you do not educate yourselves you will be
not only completely left behind, but will be finished up…” (26 September, 1947,

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Our education
system should be so strong that our children would be able to handle the
threats of security and exposure that this new era of technology is posing, and
educational system should increase their focus on teaching students lessons of
love, peace and family.

As the time
passes, education is changing. If we
look into history, we can see how not only education but also the way of
teaching is also improving day by day. First, the teaching method was informal,
memorization and recitation but now it has advance to online courses,
researches and internships. Each level of education has its own requirements. Pre-primary,
primary, elementary, secondary, higher secondary and university have its own
cultural, economic, political, religious and social issues. Not only has this
but they all had different Philosophy in them.

Pre-Primary School:

In the
pre- primary schools, the philosophy that should be use is Perennialism, it helps to develops the ethical behavior and cilivalization
in the students. It teaches the moral and religious principals through the
subjects of language, mathematics, history, sciences, literature and religious
practices. The teachers should be supportive and friendly. The classroom should
be colorful, carpeted, and should have space to activities. The
rooms should be air-conditioned; chairs and tables should be colorful. Not only should this but there be multimedia on which
they can learn about the history, they should be teaching about some important personality
like Quid-e-Azam. Not only this but also about our culture, what is our
national  anthem, dress, language,
festivals etc. teachers should also teach about the religious festivals like Eid-ul-Fitar,
Eid-ul-Azha, and Eid -un- Nabi plus they school should celebrate Eid by having
Eid party. School should be teaching about peace, this concept would not only help
students but also the nation in the future. The exams will be on memorization.

Primary and Elementary Schools:

Both the schools need two
of the philosophies that are Idealism and
Realism. Idealism is the study that makes the students question the wrong
things. It makes them think out of the box, and ask questions. In idealism, the
subjects are mathematics, history, sciences, and philosophy. However, realism
is all about the sensory learning of students. Students will get know how to
use five senses to accomplish their goals. Teachers should teach about the religious
and culture. Students will get to know how to socialize with each other. This can
be done by have group activity, competition. There should be uniform in this
level of education and rules should be there. As this stage, students are
growing and needs to be in control. Exams and quizzes conducted to examine the
progress of students.

Secondary School:

In secondary school, the
philosophy that can be use is Realism.
It teaches how to use senses in work and how to achieve goals in through it. Subjects
that are included are sciences, sociology, economics, history, etc. teachers should
not only give lectures but also should use discussion, demonstration and labs while
teaching to students. Due to this, students become attentive and when a person is
attentive then the work done perfectly. The uniform should also be the part of
this school as it shows the unity. Social, cultural, religious expects are the
same as the primary schools. Exams and quizzes conducted to examine the
progress of students.

Higher Secondary School:

Pragmaticism is the philosophy that used in
the higher secondary schools. This philosophy will prepare the students, how to
interact outside their safe zone and how can they become good member of the society.
Not only will this but also learn how to solve problems. The teachers will use
practical and demonstration methods of teaching like projects, case studies and
models. Exams conducted on practical assessments and labs needed for practical demonstration.
Teamwork needed in the classes. Rest would be same as secondary school i.e.
social, religious, cultural influences on the students.

Universities (Undergraduate & Postgraduate)

Critical Theory is the best philosophy that
should be use in universities. It makes students to question the authority, and
giving freedom of choice. This will help a lot in the marketplace; students can
identify wrong and right and can choose their choice of job or subject in the
university. Through this philosophy, students will have sense of responsibility
of their lives on their own shoulders. They will have freedom of dress, and
subjects. Teachers will teach through questioning, demonstration and from
practical work in their respected fields. Even with these freedoms but there
should be rules and regulations to keep them on track. The religious, social,
and culture aspects can influence these rules.


Few things that should be in mind when
opening any educational institutes that is teachers. Teachers should be expert
in what they are teaching, and the system should keep motivating them so they will
not lose interest, like increase in their income or give some incentives. The
other important thing is the building. Building should only be use for
educational purpose. Institutes should not be near any commercial or industrial
place, it should be a quiet place and easy accessible to everyone. In the building,
there should be a nurse room, praying area, and gymnasium. Properly ventilated
and painted classes for every stage of education. There should be more than one
emergency exist in the building, and a full outdoor court for sports. Every building
should have working firefighting equipment.  


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