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Edited Draft Pop culture has become the pinnacle and focal point of human culture in recent years making an enormous impact on our society and especially on the people of the younger generations. People who have grown up with pop culture might not notice it but it has made them the person they are today, and of course this can be seen in both a positive and negative light. Pop culture can teach us valuable life skills and good values but it can also make us more prone to violence and cursing. I will be elaborating on how pop culture has influenced me positively but also about how this wasn’t the case for everyone.An example of pop culture is video games; And nowadays it is almost impossible to find someone who didn’t grow up with video games or currently plays video games, whether they play it on their smartphone or console. Video games were a positive influence on me, I grew up playing games such as minecraft which sole purpose revolved around the user building houses, taming wild animals, even planting crops and running a farm so don’t die from hunger. Games like minecraft have also inspired me to take subjects like EGD, Games such as these ones encourage the user to think out of the box and explore their creativity through design, but not every game can be seen as positive… take for example the widely popular and successful game “Call of Duty”, this game series allows the user to play with their friends online in a battle Royale. This often involve teams fighting to the death with guns in order to become the victor. Even games such as these ones have a age limit of 18 but they still wind up in children’s hands, causing small children often younger than the age of 12 to engage in games which soul purpose is to murder your opponent. Children are like sponges they absorb everything very easily, and sometimes this can corrupt children. Children can be negatively influenced by violent scenes in video games ams thus video games can be seen as a positive influence on me but a negative influence on a majority of younger viewers(if they don’t play the ‘right games’).The astoundingly popular site ‘YouTube’ is one of the biggest influences on the children of the 21st century; the first thing many children do when they get home is watch YouTube as it is entertaining, but YouTube is also quite controversial as it can either create a delinquent or a saint out of your child depending on what they watch. I like many children of my age watch YouTube as a past time, but I personally don’t find vloggers and gamers very entertaining as most of what they do is illegal, stupid or boring on my part. I would rather watch a science channel and learn about the trillions of trillions of trillions of cells that make up our world and how they have made the blackest colour in the world which is made of carbon nanotubes then mindlessly watch millionaire vloggers who are trying to make a quick buck. Science channels like “TedEd” and “ThePeriodicTableOfVideos” have influenced me to pursue a career in science. Unlike me many people would rather stream hours of videos of people driving supercars or bathing in tomato sauce, where there are channels with the soul purpose of getting people to bathe in wacky condiments and syrups and making millions of dollars of revenue from it. Many under 18 year olds find comedic gamers and rich vloggers to be entertaining, often watching there videos which contain everyday from adult games to swearing, illegal stunts and dangerous pranks all to gain a chuckle here and there, and some have become brainwashed by some of these creators becoming their mindless minions, my younger brother when asked by me about what he thought about what Logan Paul did at the beginning of this year he responded with a “I don’t see anything wrong with it” hours of viewing of Logan Paul’s content had turned my younger brother into a brainless minion. Thus it can be said that YouTube has has a possible effect on me where as many under 18 year olds have been negatively effected by this pop culture site.In conclusion Pop culture has had an over all positive effect on myself and others but for the most part it is very clear to see that it has had a negative influence on a majority of people especially under 18 year olds who may grow up seeing the pop culture they experienced as somewhat society’s norm, this is indeed a problem that definitely needs to be looked into and solved if we want to get rid of this problem.


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