EA ‘genuine rating’ system which guarantees that only people

EA Capital announces the arrival of EA Coin (EAG), a new
cryptocurrency that will aid to resolve the issue of trust for the
crypto-community by giving people the opportunity to find each other and to
transact in a safe environment based on the principles of a decentralized

The crypto-community is still a new market—although rapidly
growing—and it can be a challenge to find professionals one can trust and
strike a deal with. This is why the EAG Network is the solution to secure P2P
business transactions in a new counter-economy.

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Using EA Coin and the EAG network will provide people with a
platform with solid and credible information about blockchain-related projects;
information about decentralized technologies, reports on upcoming token
generation events and will give a voice
to blockchain experts with a record of successful deals on a global scale.

Trustworthiness with
EA Coin and the EAG Network

The EAG platform uses a ‘genuine rating’ system which
guarantees that only people that have transacted with the merchant can rate
them as professionals. This creates a trustworthy rating system because people
can base their reviews on genuine transactions instead of marketing information
or assumptions.

People can use the rating system as a credible source of
information about blockchain-related projects on a global scale. The EAG Network
can strengthen the growth of commerce on a global scale, giving people a new
but safe space to connect and strike business deals using Smart Contracts. The network
can also help people promote businesses and find projects for people to invest
in, and can provide a convenient way to pay online. Other uses for the
decentralized platform are to have a reliable recruitment space, to post jobs
and CVs with everyone profiting from these features.

 “Under the growing impact of cryptocurrencies
in the international financial circles, EA Capital is strengthening its
position with the existence in 6 countries: Dubai, Canada, Vietnam, Singapore,
Malaysia and Australia, providing long-term values for billions of people who are
interested in enriching themselves through cryptocurrency market,” stated
on the EA Capital website.

Core Features of the
EAG Network

People in the system can open an auction for a service that
they need. Then they can take their time choosing a merchant price or by
reviews. Payment risks can be eliminated for both merchant and buyer by using
an integrated escrow system. If there are complicated disputes and
disagreements, the dispute resolution system will help the two parties come to
an agreement.

The EAG Technologies platform can give merchants a place to
offer buyers their slow-moving inventory at a discount and increasing retail
foot traffic. Anonymous payments allow buyers to pay for goods and services
without providing any identifying
information to the merchant about the payment. Integrating the Bitcoin Network’s
SHA-256 algorithm will strengthen security and encryption. Smart Contracts will
provide security superior to the traditional contract law while reducing other
contracting transaction costs.






About EA

EA Capital is one of the leading companies in cryptocurrency
investment in Asia and provides long-term value for people interested in
enriching themselves through the cryptocurrency market. Founded in 2013, EA
Capital is strengthening its position in six countries: Australia, Canada,
Dubai, Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam. For more information, please visit www.eacapital.org.



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