During King Cecrops the city’s first royal leader of

During the 5th century B.C. God Zeus swallowed his wife Metis while she was pregnant and Zeus gave birth to a daughter named Athena from his forehead who later became the goddess of wisdom, craft, and battle. She was the protector of the city of Athens, the capital of Greece and was born in the year of 525 B.C. Her father Zeus considered Athena as his favorite over her other half brothers and sisters, Athena proved to be more powerful and smart when it came to War, and got along with other Greek heroes. Athena was portrayed wearing a helmet and a spear which symbolized wisdom and strategy. The Athens people of Greece religion was called the Hellenism Religion, which allowed them to believe that Hellenism religion will make their lives better while they lived and that gods would take care of them when they died. Athena was portrayed as one of the strongest gods in Olympia, she became the city of Athens protector nominated by King Cecrops, Athena was also who cursed the famous Medusa, and because of all her success the people of Athens rewarded Athena with temples, like the Parthenon.  The goddess Athena became the protector of Athens during her child hood when a god named, King Cecrops the city’s first royal leader of Athens noticed the city needed a new patron god or goddess. So he nominated Athena and Poseidon, Athena’s because she was the daughter of Zeus and Poseidon because he was the god of sea. Athena and Poseidon were suggested to give a gift to the Athenians and who ever presented the best gift was given the city’s protector of Athens position, King Cecrops was the judge. Poseidon presented his gift first in which he struck the earth with his massive trident a three pronged spear. Poseidon’s gift called on his power of the water to create a massive foamy stream for the Athenians. The people of Athens were exited but as they got closer to the water, they realized that is was actually seawater, which made it unfit for human consumption. Athena’s gift involved an olive tree which provided the people with sustenance, food, shelter, fuel, and wood. Planting the olive tree took time for the people to see what Athena had in mind, once it grew King Cecrops ordered Athena the winner. Athena became the new city protector and the people build a Parthenon honoring her. Another interesting fact about Athena, was that she was the famous person who cursed Medusa and turned her into who she is known for. Medusa became know for her beauty, she was also a priestess, to be considered a priestess it meant for a women to be a virgin and also give her life to a goddess (Athena). Poseidon the god of sea who lost to Athena, wanted revenge for loosing the competition to Athena and so he decided to rape one of Athena’s priestess on the steps of her temple, the person Poseidon decided to victimize was Medusa. After Poseidon rapped Medusa, Medusa was not considered a virgin anymore so then she confronted Athena and ask her for forgiveness, Athena was disappointed with Medusa so she cursed Medusa for betrayal. During the time of the Gods, the Gods claimed that priestess who laid in bed with a man, that man had to be their mates partners forever. So Medusa belonged to Poseidon, she refused to accept Poseidon to be her mate partner. Athena then cursed Medusa with snake hair and stone eyes so no man would want her, she was also banished from the city of Athens and sent faraway to an island. Medusa was afraid of her own powers, she detested the gods especially Athena for what they did to her. Medusa also detested Poseidon and men in General, anyone who step into her island were marked for death, or who ever looked into her eyes was turned into stone.  Athena’s hometown Greece has contributed to our society today in many aspects, for instance, Greeks promoted the worlds first democracy, in which we use today in the United States. Instead we use a direct democracy were citizens vote on new laws every year. Based on my research, Ancient Greece started out as a monarchy and then developed into an oligarchy until it finally reached a Democracy. Ancient Greece also started the first Olympic Games in which they honored their King God Zeus every four years. Today we still celebrated the Olympics and still continue some of the old traditions, such as opening and closing celebrations. Science is another contribution Ancient Greece has influenced us today, many famous scientists lived in Ancient Greece, like Aristarchus and Hipparchus, I personally remember learning about both these scientist and their discoveries in Astronomy class last semester. Mythology as well, some Greek myths have been used in modern novels and movies, such as the Disney’s Hercules movie and the Percy Jackson and the Olympians. One last influence that the Ancient Greece has contributed to our society today is their form of architecture, Greeks used pillars to build their buildings like Athena’s Parthenon temple. Today pillars ares used in many buildings such as public libraries, churches, and the White House in Washington D.C.


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