Drug and make a brand new start, anyone start

is a disease that touches everyone.

Andrew had worked at a restaurant kings garden in
Brampton. He was chef in that restaurant and he is excellent to make Chinese
food. His manger dev always praised his culinary skills. Andrew was young boy
and always curious to do know something new .unfortunately he stared taking
drugs and initially he just take alcohol just for fun with his friends and this
thing change into addiction. This thing also puts impact on his work. He
reached late on work and did some mistakes. His managers noticed Andrew
behavior and started to ask him
questions—not in a judgmental way but as a friend. Andrew lied to his manger
dev that he had some health issue and he would be fine within few days. Days
passing and Andrew stared misbehaving with his colleagues because of drug abuse
his behavior was totally changed  and did
not made dishes as well as earlier. One day he takes drug alcohol and cigarette
on work place and stared smoking. Well smoking has passive impacts on his colleagues.
He also borrowing money and falling to repay then his friend cut off them
because of behavior.

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It puts bad impact on
restaurant reputation .one day customer gave order of noodles and Andrew made
noodles but customer complaint to manger about bad food serves Andrew put sugar
in noodles while using salt and also he was found with white powder and alcohol
on the work place now Andrew become headache of manger so dev have only option
to fired Andrew from his job and take legal action on Andrew.

Due to this Andrew has
to sentence for years and it puts negative impact on Andrew’s health. As it is
old saying that “health is wealth”. After taking regular use of drug he looked
like skeleton and young Andrew seems to be old person and he cannot live
without taking drugs and this thing created lots of physical and mental
problems such as stomach cramps, dilated pupils, and muscle spasms.

 Now Andrew told everything to one of good
friend then his friend gave advice to Andrew that “though no one can go back
and make a brand new start, anyone start from now and make brand new ending.
Well it’s really hard for Andrew to stop using drugs but as nothing is
impossible; the word says itself I ‘am possible.

After that case of
Andrew manager dev made polices of
working environment.

Hiring principle: a person that uses drug or any cannot be hired
by company or restaurant. If found guilty then strict action can be taken on
that person.

Random testing :workers
 may be selected at random for drug
and/or alcohol testing at any time by the organization

Declaration test of drug: if manager have doubt of any employee then he may ask an employee to
submit to a drug and/or alcohol test at any time. Then employee must give that
deceleration report to manager without involving any argument with manager.

Post accident -testing:
Any employee involved in an on-the-job accident or injury under circumstances
that suggest possible use or influence of drugs or alcohol in the accident or
injury event may be asked to submit to a drug and/or alcohol test.
“Involved in an on-the-job accident or injury” means not only the one
who was or could have been injured, but also any employee who potentially
contributed to the accident or injury event in any way.

The usage of drug is
not only in restaurant but it is used in everywhere and become hazards of
owners and managers. It is dangerous in field of construction where having
lifting, shipping and work with fire.  


As we all knows that
too much of anything is good for nothing same apply in the use of alcohol and
even small amount of   drugs can have a harmful effect on the health,
safety and wellbeing of everyone, either within or outside a work
environment.  In our working place, it
can not only affect drug addicted but as well as harmful for colleagues,
co-workers, customers and to the workplace in general. Even the small amount
use of alcohol and other drugs puts great impact on our performance,
coordination, concentration and alertness. And also spoil   our social relation and interaction. On a
worksite, the usage of drugs may result in loss of:

Productivity: use of drug puts directly effect on productivity. An
addicted person skip
steps, work slowly, forget how something works, and generally make mistakes.
Due to this person take leaves and arrived late on work this thing noticed by
clients also when they have to wait for their order through this businessmen
down his position on competitive environment

Safety: safety is always major concern of everyone but with the use
of drugs person can not only create safety issues for his self to his
co-worker.  Accidents and injuries damage to workplace
equipment, and destroy our workplace relationships.

Heath issues: drug usage can lead to long-term health problems for
workers who may experience an increase in mental, physical and social problems
and generally take longer to recover after an accident or illness. The use of
alcohol and other drugs can also lead to increased risks or unpredictable behavior.
If any person try to stop using of drugs then initially he is unable  to far away for that habit .for leaving drug
habit he will start taking pills because he is unable to sleep properly and to
do any work without using drug and any pills..

Solution to handle with drug abuse problems:

program that is useful for employees such as 
drug awareness days

written material to employees to show the impact of drug abuse

 Videos pertaining to drug use in the

strict and legal action on drug abuser.




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