Driving, government finds this to be a suitable reason

Driving, hunting, scuba diving, and flying—on land, in the wild, in the ocean, and in the air—all very different activities, yet they all possess one thing in which they share in common, and that is the fact that all of these activities require a license. However, why is the reason that interests us today in regards to our topic. Each and every one of those activities poses a threat to the wellbeing of others, and oneself as well, and so the government finds this to be a suitable reason to require a form of identification for as to who is qualified to perform the tasks in which the license is required for, but before we get any further, it is necessary for us to establish what licenses, or rather, the tasks required to acquire a license aim to achieve. Take into consideration, the driving license for example. According to the DMV, the steps to acquire a license teach the skills required to be a safe, responsible driver. The same goes for all of the other activities listed above, and so we may conclude that this is our end goal; to create responsible parents that understand the steps required to take care of children in their possession and keep those same children safe in all aspects. Although some may say that a parenting license may better prepare new parents for what they are headed for in the future and produce children with less trauma from things such as neglective or unstable parents, it may as well be unconstitutional. As stated in the second paragraph of The Declaration of Independence, “…all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” The argument stems from the very last few word, those being ‘the pursuit of Happiness;” and from this, people claim that being restricted by a lack of a license to have children will hinder their pursuit of happiness which is rightfully endowed to them. This is true; however, this claim contains one fatal flaw, and that is in the fact that most women find out that they are pregnant far before their due birthing time, with “only one out of every 7225…being unknown to the mother until delivery” (Landau); and acquiring such a license, similar to a driving, or even a hunting license—which takes all of “4 ½ to 6 hours” (a ridiculously short amount of time!)—to acquire will surely not affect any womens’  born right to reproduce (“Online Hunter Safety Course…”). Furthermore, a majority of people claim that most pregnancies are unplanned, and so it would be even more difficult for unexpecting parents to have to go through a course to obtain such a license, and although this is true, given 50% of pregnancies in the United States are unplanned, 43% (all coming from the unplanned pregnancies) will end in abortion, so our net will end in only 7% of unplanned pregnancies actually resulting in births, and again, as stated above, there is plenty of time to take the simple course and be evaluated to see if the parent is able to take care of children (“Why Are 50 Percent of Pregnancies in the U.S. Unplanned?”).Now since we understand why we should require parental licenses, it is important to discuss what will go into making this license and what requirements parents must meet in order to be eligible, as “some have suggested that parents should also be licensed as a way of protecting their children by ensuring that have a base minimum skill set and knowledge about good parenting” (“Comments”).First things first, the parent must be mentally stable in order to take care of a child, which we all know requires much patience and determination. Second off, the parent must be financially stable with a steady income, a place to stay, enough money to afford groceries and everyday expenses along with general bills such as water and electricity; and finally, be able to either have the child in a daycare or have someone (who is trusted such as a grandmother, sister, etc.) watch over them if, and when they are unable to. Such requirements as financial stability can be demonstrated by providing proof of the sources of income, a psychological evaluation by a medical professional to prove mental stability, and a list of a few neighboring family members, who would also be psychologically evaluated, who prove to have time to attend to the child while the parent is away. Albeit, if the parent proves unable to provide things necessary for the child, further steps will have to be implemented. For example, if the parent has no steady source of income, a job finding program, such as the “United States Department of Labor” or “CareerOneStop,” can be introduced, and these programs which have sections designated to helping specific age groups find training and employment can help the soon-to-be-parent(s) fulfill all of the requirements in order to obtain their license, and not only so, but prevents the need to take the child away, and in turn put the into an adoptions home and foster care, which by the way, cost the US $29.4 billion dollars in 2010 (“Brief: Child Welfare Financing in the United States”), and child abuse and neglect costing $80 billion is 2012 (Gelles). So, in simpler terms, these programs will help bring the parents to a financially stable situation, they get to keep the child, the child in turn has no need to go into adoption and has parents who will take care of them and keep them off the streets; also preventing an early start with gang affiliations, criminal violence, etc.; the economy will improve due to this, we will no longer need to pay as much in taxes for child welfare, and the United States can become a happier, safer place for everyone. Hopefully now, we may acknowledge that “there are no reasons against requiring a license for biological parenting that don’t also apply to becoming an adoptive parent,” which all aspects of an adoptive parental license refer to the adopters ability to tend to the child, and all understand the fact that this license will ensure the safety of our future adults (Sherman).


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