Dr. we make choices for the books we share

            Dr. Seuss is one of the biggest
contributors to most people’s childhood and adult lives. He has filled kids and
adults lives with laughter and fun. Dr. Seuss made reading more enjoyable and
way more interesting. His stories and books has become one of the most popular
writing pieces in libraries today. “So many authors have strived to be like Dr.
Seuss and write short stories like him”. (Joe Bunting) There has been many movies that come
from the idea that Dr. Seuss had and from some of his stories. Dr. Seuss has
made accomplishments that authors wish they could make but will never be able
to. His writing pieces and stories are still read in many schools across the
United States today.

            Dr. Seuss is thought to be the best
writer and author by many people, when people read kids’ books and rhyming
books, they automatically think of Dr. Seuss. Dr. Seuss was very inspirational
and very true in what he said. Many kids’ and adults look up to Dr. Seuss and
he is a lot of people’s hero. Not all people think Dr. Seuss is great and
inspirational like most people do. Some people think that Dr. Seuss isn’t that
good with words and they think he isn’t teaching kids to get better with saying
and reading words because his books are short and they don’t  have challenging words in them. Some people
also think that some of Dr. Seuss’s writing pieces are racially wrong and they
also think that his pieces can be offensive or mean. When the books where
written by Dr. Seuss, they may not have been a problem but in today’s time they
                  probably are, “but
we must evaluate his books that we decide to share with children using today’s
standards. We cannot wallow in our own nostalgia when we make choices for the
books we share with young children. There are simply too many outstanding books
available.” (Neely
cautions). A lot less people think badly about Dr. Seuss, then the
amount of people that like him.

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            Dr. Seuss has contributed to kids
and adults lives in so many ways. He has taught millions of kids how to read in
fun and interesting ways. His writings were on important topics going on in the
world at that time, but it was still fun. Adults read Dr. Seuss’s books too and
they like them just like kids do. Dr. Seuss wrote and illustrated kid’s picture
books and he wrote some more challenging books for teens and adults. One of Dr.
Seuss’s books, How the Grinch stole Christmas, is a part of most people’s
Christmas holiday every year, “I would never pass up a chance to
watch my favorite cranky, green Grinch discover the magic of Christmas” (Heather Newman).

Seuss’s ideas and thoughts are extraordinary and very unique. Dr. Seuss set out
to write and illustrate really good books even if they aren’t true or real to
life, “When
talking to the media, Geisel was more interested in telling a good story than
he was in telling a true story” (Philip Nel). Dr. Seuss used real life events and real things
going on in the world to write some of his books. When he wrote books that used
those things he call it “propaganda with a plot”.  Dr. Seuss helped tell stories about important
events that happened in his life. Some were good event and some were bad or
tragic events. Some kids would’ve never learned about these important events about
society in the past and present if Dr. Seuss didn’t wright about them like he
did. Most of Dr. Seuss’s books and illustrations we very unique and one of a
kind and there has never been anything like it before. That’s what make Dr. Seuss
famous and that what made him a mostly kids author,” His work includes
several of the most popular children’s books of all time, selling over 600
million copies and being translated into more than 20 languages by the time of
his death”.  (Robert Brooks)   


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