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        Dr. Essaidi is a nuclear physicist and former employee of Philips in Eindhoven Holland, where he worked in medical research. His therapy is based on binding free radicals.Free radicals are atoms in which one or more electrons are not paired, and consequently they search for other electrons in the body. These radicals can be formed by the body, or they can also be formed by external sources. Unfortunately in their search for an electron, these radicals destroy our cells, and can thus trigger or favor illnesses, by attacking the receptors on the cell membrane, our mitochondria, or also our DNA (cell nucleus). Usually our body has adequate defense possibilities against free radicals. However for various reasons often the cell can no longer offer sufficient defense and the damages take on dimensions that must be seriously considered.         Dr. Essaidi has developed a cabin that looks like a small pyramid with mirrors, and which is hot inside like a sauna. In this cabinet Dr. Essaidi generates a positively charged environment, which according to his theory, withdraws free radicals from the body or neutralizes them. At the same time the cabin represents a comprehensive detoxification therapy, because the skin pores are opened due to the heat.First, toxins can thus more easily get out, and second, Dr. Essaidi adds special substances to the steam, which can thus be absorbed more easily by the body. Concurrently a precisely defined electromagnetic field is generated in the cabinet. The treatment usually takes approximately 90 minutes with all preliminary and post-treatment procedures (the actual therapy takes between 30 – 40 minutes). An accompanying person can also be in the cabin. A session in the cabin costs between 70-100 Euro. Usually German patients stay in a motel or hotel near the center.          During the 4th German Alternative Cancer Day (4. Deutschen Alternativen Krebstag)  in October 2004 in Stuttgart, the pathologist Dr. Frank Andä from San Remo / Italy presented his documentation on Dr. Essaidi’s therapy for the first time. Over several years he took blood from his cancer patients prior to and after the Aqua Tilis therapy and determined the following:*Elimination of circulating cancer cells*Stimulation of T-cells*Elimination of atypical microorganisms*Elimination of blocking factors on thecell membrane functions*Stimulation of the NKCs (natural killer cells)The results clearly show that the Aqua Tilis therapy is a very intensive detoxification therapy, which has clear influences on the immune system.


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