Do will just because it may benefit us which

            Do we know what we are doing is
morally right or wrong? To act in good faith, we must all know the actions in
which we take is morally right or wrong. Kant defined good will as not really
acting out the good deed but more of the attitude you have when doing something
good. Kant felt we should act realistically in order to develop a good will. Simply
doing something good doesn’t mean it is good but if you have good intentions on
your actions then its good will. According to Kant, the good will is the only
thing that is good in and of itself. Kant says we must have a moral duty
instead of a person’s natural tendency. When Kant speaks on duty, he speaks
more in reference to basically a set of rules of conduct. For him, he created the
categorical imperative.

categorical imperative is basically the formula for universal law. If we can
follow these laws then we will always act out of good will. Before we act we
should consider the categorical imperative for it provide a way for us to
evaluate our moral actions. Kant provides us with four formulations of
categorical imperative. Two formulas that helps understand the categorical imperative
was the formula of the universal law of nature and the humanity formula. The formula
of the universal law of nature explains what is the general rule in the action I
am considering. The humanity formula focuses on how we should treat people. Basically
we need to treat people in good will and not in good will just because it may benefit
us which would be morally wrong. Conformity to universal law is basically
saying we have laws and we should follow them.

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            The death penalty is the strongest
punishment for a person who have committed heinous crimes. It is a deterrent
for others not to commit the same heinous for certainly those that have
committed those heinous crimes they will not be able to after justice is
served. We sit back and think is it really justice by creating more suffering?
Or putting another life through pain and suffering but not only physical but emotionally
too for the actor’s family who will be emotionally suffering? Kant believes
that there are laws set in place for a reason and we must follow. Kant seems to
believe that if you violate those laws then you should face the consequences. Kant
feels it is morally accepted for the death penalty especially for murder
because it helps prevent these crimes from future criminals and for them to
think about the crime they are going to commit. If you kill someone for no reason
or just for some type of revenge, Kant feels that is ethically wrong and
immoral. Now if you kill someone and you get sentenced to death, Kant feel it
is a moral action to do so because of the fact you killed someone and now they
are removing you from harming anyone else. If the government was sentencing you
to death just because they wanted to use your body for a science experiment
then Kant felt that was also immoral because it was defeating the purpose of
capital punishment and keeping the citizens safe. 

also felt it was not allowed to appeal for a lesser sentence once sentenced to
death for the crime of murder. In my opinion, I feel the same way about capital
punishment. I live in the state of Texas where capital punishment is exercised.

When one commits a capital crime one should be punish. Me being a police
officer, I have been to many Police Officer funerals and to watch the pain and
suffering that one’s family is experiencing really hurts to see after that
public servant was simply doing his job. Capital punishment should of course
come from the morality of punishing that person for committing that crime and
should not come from the satisfaction of a person or experimental reasons but
for the sake of seeking justice. Kant opens the eyes of capital punishment. Showing
the ultimate reasoning behind it and wants society to know he agree with capital
punishment as long as it is justified.


Kant felt
in order to determine what’s right you must use reason. As a society, we must
do what’s ethically and morally right. We must act out of good will and know
what our actions can cause. As Kant reminds us that we have a duty for good
will and should practice it and see how the world would turn out if it is
followed. We must also realize that our action has consequences and we must
know what they are before they are committed, from lying to even committing murder.

They all have an end result.