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Do you ever wonder why the Earth’s temperature is getting hotter and hotter? It is because of global warming, or mainly known as climate change, which is a gradual increase in the temperature of the atmosphere generally made by greenhouse gases caused by emissions of carbon dioxide and pollution. I will talk about why global warming exists, what it does and how we can actually stop it.So the question is, why does global warming exist or (you could say) what causes global warming? The reason for global warming has a lot of causes. Some causes are caused by humankind, examples of it are accidental fires, acid rain, pollution from diesel-fueled vehicles and smog from manufacturing. Some causes are natural, such examples include wildfires. Some are a combination of the two, such as earthquakes near oil pipelines.Another question to take into consideration is, what problems are caused by climate change? There are three main effects; rising sea levels, drought and increase in heat waves. An example of rising sea levels is the Netherlands, where their economy may sink below the grounds. An example of a drought is in Death Valley near the border of California and Nevada, where it was caused by the over usage of water, leaving no groundwater to evaporate, causing desertification, and making heat waves during the summer.Even though the temperatures are rising, we can all make small steps to make a big step. For example, people could support campaigns, helping the environment. Walk in areas that are near you, and bike or skateboard to areas that are far from you. You can use an electric or hybrid car to get to areas that are “inaccessible” by walking, biking, and skateboarding. It will cost lots, but it will help the environment. By doing this, we could save many bad things from happening to our planet.In conclusion, global warming is happening everywhere and we can stop it by making small steps at a time. Global warming can cause many disastrous effects and we can stop those dangerous effects from happening. It could cause some countries to disappear, so if we decide to work together, this world may thrive longer than it would have if we didn’t stop doing such things.


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