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“Do I look Pretty?” At least everyone has asked that famous question almost every day. Maybe your sister is going on a date or your best friend is having an interview but mostly asking yourself when you are looking at the mirror. Most people see themselves as if they’re the ugliest person in the world, but in reality, they shine with their own beauty. Our society made up a “norm” category that if you don’t have the qualities that pass as norms, you don’t belong. Unfortunately, people rely on this things to make them feel accepted. The four-word question brings up the beauty standards we’re trying to reach yet impossible meet. Beauty standards today are defined as thin, white or tanned but not brown, and large breast for women. However, we are brainwashed by the media such as magazines, movies, advertisements, bloggers and apps like YouTube, and Instagram. According to Woman in the World, Dove says that “Thousands of beauty bloggers are testament to woman becoming their own media creators who are influencing the beauty conversation.” Whether ladies are giving each other recommendations or posting their pictures like “selfies and ootd’s,” beauty has gotten to be more personalized and more comprehensive on the internet. Growing up being a Filipina, we are usually expected to have fair skin, long and straight black hair, pointy nose and eyes are ideally crescent- shaped. For years, people are creating unrealistic standards of beauty and body image. Beauty standards can cause a risky chance to individuals in society and a laughter of every woman; instead of letting beauty standards be socially acknowledged, people must be aware of the harm that they can cause. “You can pick out all your flaws, and then society does that as well for you…As the young girls reflect on weighing themselves at birthday parties and sucking in their stomachs when they wore bikinis at camp, they prove that body image issues start at a young age. According to Common Sense Media’s report children as young as 5 years old ‘express dissatisfaction with their bodies.’ It is evaluated that 1.3 million young ladies in the US have anorexia. This disease/disorder has one of the most elevated suicide rates of any psychiatric condition.” (Pittman). At their young age they’re already starting to worry of what they look like, and it’s too much for the child. She is supposed to enjoy her life, play with friends and families, and not to worry on everything.  Most ladies are not satisfied with their bodies and are eating less to achieve the “perfect” body shape. Unfortunately, only few women has the body type often portrayed by our idols in social media. However, we can’t continue to blame social media for all the negatives every woman sees to themselves. “Rather than demonizing the media, we can tell our girls that it’s people who run the media — not robots or aliens or some impenetrable force. And as a person, you can help change its messages about body image. Don’t let the media own real estate in your mind. Ultimately, you have the power to turn off the television, put down the magazine or stop shopping at that store. You may not be able to escape the media’s reach, but you don’t have to live by its rules. Only you choose what to believe about yourself.” (Berninger).  Society and social media judge people with the beauty standards that they don’t realize that it’s their decision to post a photo even though they know that people who can access the photo may or may not judge you. Will every person sees themselves as beautiful? Maybe yes, maybe no. Perfection or flawlessness is physically impossible. We are going to keep thinking that were not beautiful if we continue to show these unrealistic images “that is not really us” of what is supposed to be beautiful. We need to reprogram our minds and change the way we see and define beauty. We must have more “what they really look like” actors and models in our movies, advertisements, and television and not those photoshopped photos or videos. Even if the society’s beauty standards may be different, we must stand out as we are. We must learn to appreciate ourselves inside and out, it is also important to increase our self-esteem, and show our own selves. It’s time to feel proud of our features. And eventually, we will be beautiful to the world, and most importantly in our eyes. 


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