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Do you know that selfie camera of Oneplus 5T has a beautification mode, and its algorithms for India, China, North America, Europe are different because people in different regions have different standards of beauty? How does the phone know who it’s looking at? Is each region’s firmware different, does it detect face color? or use some kind of artificial intelligence learning feature? It turns out to be much simpler than that. It uses the SIM card and phone number. It can tell through the phone number, it’s not X1 the color of the skin. If it’s a Chinese person who lives in India, they will have to use the Indian beauty standards. You see the efforts? The camera is the most important feature of the new Oneplus phone and it was a ‘sold out’ in 5 minutes on its first day of release.

Today, about 2.5 billion people have digital cameras (World population is 7.6 billion).  Even though the standalone digital camera has changed the way we take pictures, the invention of the camera phone was even more revolutionary which  changed our habits. When was the last time we called a professional photographer to click a group picture? Or when was the last time you took out a digital camera to click a simple picture? You probably need to call your grandfatherX2  for the answer. Now, it has become a part our daily life, to express and interact with people over social media or sometimes just to get some likes.

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It’s astounding to see how phone camera is changing the way we millennialX3 s click pictures and how it is making photography easily accessible to everyone. There are festivals which support mobile films like The iPhone Film Festival of the United States, which has been supporting mobile filmmakers across the globe since 2010.  After seeing the popularity of digital photography, Indian institute of photography, Noida launched an online phone photography course. And this is nothing — photographer Sephi Bergerson covered an entire 3-day Indian wedding with his iPhone 6s. In an interview conducted by Boredpanda, Bergerson said “What I like about the iPhone is it helps me get much closer to the subject and have eye contact. With DSLR, the camera comes between me and the subject. The iPhone won’t replace the DLSR but it offers a completely new medium of photography.” Talking about the news industry, many media houses are using the phone camera to stream live the incidents instead of high tech car satellites; because it’s cheaper and convenient.

In 1975 Steven Sasson built world’s first digital camera which was a big box that had cassette attached to it. There was a time when people used photo cameras to capture a moment and save the hard copy for the memories.  

 “I don’t think we should be shocked by such developments. A decent phone camera clicks a good picture, which can be edited in the phoneX4  applications like Lightroom and then can be uploaded on Instagram where it can be seen by millions of people. If that’s not crazy, then nothing is.” says Akash Gupta, 27, a digital marketing expert.

“Photography is one of my medium and favorite medium to express myself, my thoughts. I feel the moment and I just want to capture it, like a needy attention seeker person. I don’t like the feel of holding a camera in hand – a bulky one with a heavy lens and looking the scenery from the zone with those adjustment buttons(sic).” says Rebeka Ghosh, 20,  an artist from Hyderabad. Ghosh also says that investing in a good phone camera is much better than investing in a basic DSLR. “There are so many hacks you can use with mobile cameras. Sometimes you can attach it to a helium balloon and congo, You just have a drone camera and a bird-eye shot (sic).” She adds.

Siddhant Thakur, 21, photographer who has an Instagram blog with the name “Out in the town” says, “Phone camera is the most convenient way of taking a picture of streets. In street photography each and every moment matters. DSLR is too technical to make quick adjustments. And once the moment is gone, it’s gone. Street photography is more about the emotions and the moments than just fancy technical terms.” However, he also says that DSLRs do have some advantages too: if a picture is to be published in a magazine or on a web portal, it needs to be of a better quality which phone cameras cannot provide. “Phone cameras do provide great quality of picture but DSLRs are still much better.” He says.

But not every photographer prefers phone camera over a DSLR. Pratik Sharma, 23, an Instagram blogger says, “Phone camera is great and I use it too, but I will always prefer using a DSLR since it gives me more options like long exposure, long trails with more details and less noise — and the best part of DSLR is its variety of lenses: Zoom, macro, prime, fisheye and so on.” He also suggests, “If photography is a passion, a person should go with DSLR if it’s just a hobby then phone camera is more than enough.”

In the past years, almost everything that happened on earth, from huge public events to small birthday parties, has been captured on camera phones. However, photography, as we know, is not dying; it is simply changing and evolving with new inventions. And if nothing else, one thing is sure; soon the best photos of the world will not be taken by some professional photographer, who has a highX5 -tech camera but by a person who just happened to have cell phone in his pocket — at the right moment.


 X1Too many commas I think

 X2That’s too much although everyone understands what you mean

 X3millennials click pictures




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