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Do you know what car was initially intended to be a low cost Corvette? The Ford Mustang! Corvettes are two seaters unlike the Mustang which Ford turned into a 4 seater. In my essay I’m going to discuss more about the Ford Mustang its history, In 1964 when the Ford Mustang was created, Lee Iacocca designed the body style that Henry Ford approved. With Iacocca’s design, Henry Ford still wanted to make the Mustang an affordable sports car for a family.  The car proved to be a success. The day the Mustang was released, it sold 22,000 models! 2.5 million models were sold by 1966.  After the Mustang was released, it moved Ford to the most popular car company, even passing up Chevrolet.   One way you can tell the difference in Mustangs is by their always changing tail lights.  Imagine driving down a dark street where almost every tail light looks the same, then you see the glow of a different type of tail light.  You can immediately tell the make and model of a mustang.  It is one of the many features that make the car so great. For example, the difference between 2017 Mustangs and 2018 Mustangs is that 2018’s have new fenders, hoods and headlights. Here are some of the different Mustangs tail lights. Mustang’s are also known for their speed. The fastest Mustang is a 2003 Mustang Mach 1 Vortech, it can go from zero to sixty in 3.9 seconds.  Other incredibly fast models include the 2008 Shelby GT500, which can go from zero to sixty in 4.1 seconds.  It also can reach up to 200mph and still stay on the ground.  The Mustang and the Camaro are always in competition for who can be the fastest.  This brings me to one of the greatest rivalries in the car world, the Mustang versus the Camaro. At the Camaro’s debut, the press asked why it was called the Camaro, and they said, “it’s a small ferocious animal that eats Mustangs”. The rivalry has lasted decades. In the beginning the two cars looked strangely similar.  With modern technology they were able to give each of them different looks.Lee Iacocca (the inspiration for the Mustang) got his own “Lee Iacocca Mustang”.  The Mustang is an impressive car. It is still popular choice with a powerful rivalry, and has a very long and good history.  


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