Discoveries and vision while giving the poem a sense

Discoveries can be fresh and intensely meaningful in ways that may be emotional, creative, intellectual, physical and spiritual. They can be sudden and unexpected, or they can emerge from a process of deliberate and careful planning evoked by curiosity, necessity or wonder.The impact of these discoveries can be far-reaching and transformative for the individual and for broader society. The intricacy of self and emotional discoveries are infiltrated in the short story ‘Wish upon a Snowflake’. Physical:  ‘Annabella lays to sleep in her cotton candy bed once again glancing at her lotus flower; which to her excitement, has now turned rose red.’ the lotus flower.The white lotus flower has a meaning of purity and devotion. After her discovery the lotus turned more red, symbolising an enlightenment or rebirth. The lotus is an allegory for her changing demeanour.  This physical discovery is revealed in the story, which was not evoked by a careful planning process, but of a spontaneous eruption of wonder and curiosity.This poignant experience emphasises life’s fragility and the importance, reforming annabellas prospects of life.Physical discovery is the act of finding something tangible that creates a vast impact. This is depicted in the text with the lotus flower turning rose. she is able to reconcile with her past and as a result of this discovery lead him to reap his deserved rewards of life thus venturing off into a period of maturation causing the flower to change colour reflecting the personas inner transition.emotional: “Creak”, The sound of her tip toeing feet hits the shiny maple-wood floors as if it wanted wear. She angelically walked into her balcony the cold air tingling her pale skin. She wished upon a snowflake as she does every christmas eve. The choices of what she wishes for and the subsequent outcomes or Dreams do come true. The alliteration and personification of wanted wear reflects the author’s personal feelings and vision while giving the poem a sense of life. It has double connotations as wanted wear also means that it lacked it. enjambment conveys deliberate mimics for the process of decision making creating a dramatic effect to get the reader thinking. Significant emotional discoveries challenge previous assumptions prompting the individual to reassess one’s own philosophies increasing knowledge and understandingThese transcendent findings prevailed newfound outlooks.Self: Annabella muttered with a sigh. “When i was little i used to stare out this window for hours every christmas eve to catch a glimpse of santa, i see the same image of stars, but this time, this time i see it with new eyes”. True meaning of christmas. Double connotation is utilised sith “sigh” to bring emotion into the poem. It portrays his emotions and current feelings of doubt as well as a feeling of ambiguity as the sigh can have either positive or negative connotations towards them.Self discovery is the process of acquiring insight into one’s own character. This is illustrated in the text. on a metaphorical level, the snowflakes represent her dreams, shining bright but eventually falling and melting into a pile of ice.The repetition of ‘this time’ enables a sense of continued action but adds force to the action in which furthermore denotes the evolution of a self discovery.This prevailing revelation has substantial power to challenge preconceived ideas and alter our view of the wider world.Annabellas peregrination and the true meaning of christmas, helps the viewer understand the ambitious nature inside all of us all. Conclusion: The story is an eminently compelling text that depicts the concept of significant discoveries through happenings that sculpted a new viewpoint on themselves and the outer world. The abrupt discoveries created an impact of far-reaching and transformative perspectives for the persona. The protagonist was able to reach their own potential as a final consequence to their powerful unveilings.Words: indicative penultimate denotes utilised eminently didactic immense deception.


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