Digital Gaming and Computers Today’s society really revolves around

Digital Gaming and Computers

society really revolves around computers and technology.Ananda mitra is the
author of  “Digital games”. in
the book mitra writes about several different types of games. The computers you
game on, and the future of digital gaming. There is more behind the games we
know, such as the creation and art that lies behind the screen as well as some
things you may need in order to game. The more we update technology and advance
into it, the more games and computers will change with it. Which could be seen
as an advantage or a disadvantage for some players and games.

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            There are
several different types of games and the computers that you game on. There are
single-player games and  multiplayer
games. Single-player games are games that one person plays and they play alone.
One of the most common single-player games is Solitaire. “Solitaire was
adapted as a computer game in 1990 when Microsoft included a version with its
Windows program”. While playing a single-player game there is an opposite
opponent, which is a computer playing against you. Action games is one of the
most popular categories for a single-player. Action games include fighting
which include different skill levels that the player will advance on into.
Simulation games is another popular category among gamers. Simulation games
allow the user to play with digital version of real life objects. “For
example, the Web-based company Fishland allows people to create their own fish
that needs care and attention”.

Multiplayer games allow you to play
with other players and complete tasks together. Most players are not actually
together while playing, they are on their own computers at different areas. On
many multiplayer games you can talk to people, and make new friends while you
work on tasks together. One common multiplayer game is Runescape which you
complete different jobs with other people while you can talk to them to get
their help. On multiplayer games you take on specific rules which you adopt in
the game. The players of the games make up the dialogue based on the tasks of
other players, which is how the story behind the game develops. The idea of
making friends on the games can sometimes be more important than the playing
and tasks of the game itself. In order for you to complete the tasks with the
other players, you have to be able to communicate with the other players which
is where the friendships come into play.

Gaming computers now are very
different from what they use to be. Now you can use your own personal computer
to play the digital games you want to play. In order to use your personal
computer for gaming, you have to install special graphics cards, sound cards,
motherboards, and have the space on your computer. even though it doesn’t seem
like much, there are several different types of gaming and the computers that
connect with it. “A good gaming computer starts with a high-speed
microprocessor, which is the brain of the computer”. Another good aspect of a
gaming computer is the amount available on the RAM. In order for the game to
work good, you have to have an effective amount of RAM available. Computer
games are extremely detailed with their graphics and effects, which is why you
must have the space on your gaming computer. There are also several types of
gaming devices you can play on instead of just the computers. You can also play
on Nintendo, Xbox, and Playstation, which are some of the other types of gaming
systems. Some gaming systems are portable so you could take the system with you
and you can have your own games with you.

Gaming has a huge impact on the
society as well as the future of gaming. Age ranges vary for today’s and the
future gamers it also plays a big impact on the different ages. Some games are
specifically for more mature adults to where as other are made for younger
kids. Some players do become addicted to gaming which means they feel as if
they have to play more often than others do. Gaming addiction seems to be more
of a concern for younger kids versus older. Younger children who are addicted
will spend  most of their free time
playing games, which will impact their everyday tasks as well as how they are
completed and how well. Most of the worry and concern with children gaming is
the fact that they are gaming with strangers. “A study done in 2006 reported
that 33 percent of gaming players participate in online games with strangers.”
The danger of this is that some players may not be truthful about themselves
with the other players. Which could be a predator with younger children if they
know the child is younger and being truthful with them. The creation of more
realist games is a big effort for the future of gaming. “Technologies are being
developed to enable computers to create an environment in which the player can
use all five senses during a game.” Having these advantages during a game, will
make playing more realistic for the player with certain gear. Future games will
also have more links with today’s entertainment media. Which could be seen as
more educational for younger children. Having advantages like this, could teach
players specific skills which could be used to help children.

            The more
time that passes by and the more technology advances the more and more things
will begin to change little by little. They seem like minor changes now, but as
you look back in the future you will notice a major amount of differences and
how they affected the gamers. No matter what you do and or want to do, digital
technology will almost always be involved. As well as the work behind the games
will always be needed. Even though it doesn’t seem like much, there are several
different types of gaming and the computers that connect with it. There is more
behind gaming and the technology involved that the typical non gaming person
would not notice.


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