Differences one must be as factual as possible. Opinions

Differences between technical and general EnglishGeneral writing is strongly different from the style of writing named as technical writing. Technical English is a form of language that focuses on a specific field. A wide part of Technical English is not known for general public. Some examples of technical English can be found in business writing to communicate with employees. These writings contain a significant amount of words related to the world of business. Furthermore, technical English should be clear and concise, in other words the information has to  be organized in a way that the reader can get the information of their interested and understand the subject matter efficiently. First of all, general communication is personal and subjective while, on the other hand, technical language has to be impersonal and objective. Technical language is understood by a specific group of people and the vocabulary is different for each field: Science, Law, Medicine, Nautical, and Computer. Moreover, Technical English has a status of more professional language in tone and style and it has to be used properly.Both styles of language general and technical have the same rules of grammar, spelling and punctuation; the second one must be as factual as possible. Opinions are not included in technical language but manuals, instructions. The technical language is used to report facts, details and statistics while general language can be more expressive, can include opinions, and be more enjoyable. Technical language can be accompanied by graphics in order to be practical. A technical  piece of writing before be finished has to be revised, edited and the piece of writing we obtain should improve existing documents not create new ones. Some of the features of Technical language are:?Clarity: the quality of being easily understood by predetermined audience.?Accuracy: the quality or state of being correct or precise.?Accessibility: with headings, indexes and tables of contents.Technical writing are meant to be real so that the reader understand how to do that task.While General writing is that in which writer go in depth of the reader so that he can see the effort done in his own writing.Technical writing follow certain guidelines.While performing technical writing we should avoid passive voice , language should be convenient and should be to that point.While General writing does not follow this rule very much.Technical writing give us that knowledge and facts that reader could not even know about it and finds it interesting, while general writings is that in which writer express his thought and ideas to express its creativity mind in the mind of the reader.


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