Designing designer stream, I was introduced to logo designing

Designing a logo using Vector GraphicsBeing a student in designer stream, I was introduced to logo designing in Vector Graphics class. It was all very fascinating for me. My instructor taught me various techniques to design logos. I was introduced to most widely used tool for designing logos i.e. Adobe Illustrator. It was fun to use such a tool and design attractive logos.Apple pencil to draw on iPad in adobe illustratorThe question arises, Are logos important for a website or a web app or a business. In fact, Logos are an indispensable part of a website or a web app or a company/Business. Logos are used for building trust. A professional logo is perceived by people as a sign of trust. For major companies, logos represent the companies, define a company’s identity. Logos are also used for purpose of branding. Eye-catching logos on promotional and advertisements banners stand out.Current trends in Logo DesignsNothing persists in the world. Same is true for logos as well. The trends always keep changing. Sometimes stripes, letter stacking and geometric shapes are popular and after some time Negative space, mono-line and geometry shapes were fantasy. Some of the things i think are important for logo designing and are in trend always:1. Relevant typographyAlways make use of typography according to your brand. For example, for companies like Microsoft and Apple we have to use fonts that look more professional whereas, for companies like facebook or snapchat a bit of funky typography is more attractive to the customers.2. Geometric line and shapes in logosGeometric shapes if used proper in a logo can be a piece of art. A well balanced and unified geometric shape in a logo can be eye-catching and never gets old. Logos for companies like Adidas and Microsoft use simple geometric shapes and are always welcome by people.3. Use of long shadowsSometimes use of long shadows in logos give them a unique appearance which is easy for the user to trust and remember. Use of shadows is not always necessary, sometimes it makes the design worse. We need to be very specific where to use shadows and where restrict their use.References25 Posts on Why a Good Logo is Essential to Your BusinessHaving a good logo is extremely important to your business and to the branding of your company’s name, but it is also…www.qualitylogoproducts.com2018 Logo Design Trends: Your Guide to Navigate Hot Trends and Avoid FadsA good logo design must reflect your brand, and be memorable, unique, and timeless. You should avoid trends that get in…www.crowdspring.comDrawing with Procreate photo by Rober González (@robergd) on UnsplashDownload this free HD photo of drawing, illustration, art and tech by Rober González (@robergd)


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