Death critical aspects of a healthy human which are:

by Medicine is
an article written by Gary Null, Carolyn Dean, Martin Feldman, Debora Rasio and
Dorothy Smith. Over many years, these doctors compiled all the information of
the harm conventional/western medicine can do into one article. Albeit the
statistics and scientific research that has been done on the cons of
conventional medicine, there has been no change to the current healthcare
system which is in need of complete reform. Rather than having a healthcare
system, what we have today is a disease care system.

In the U.S., iatrogenic illness is the
leading cause of death. Iatrogenic disease is a disease resulting from
treatment or diagnostic procedures administered by a health care professional.

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Annually, 783,936 people in the U.S. die of iatrogenesis but this number would
be exponentially larger if iatrogenic acts were always reported; only 5-20% are
ever reported.

The cause of these iatrogenic diseases is
not completely the doctors, but it is the wealthy and powerful pharmaceutical
and medical technology companies. These industries advertise in medical
journals, fund medical research, and give money to medical schools and
hospitals. They inveigle doctors, professors, and researchers to support their
drugs and technologies. This causes very blurred lines for industry and
academic medicine and results in unethical medicine and conflict of interest.

While much effort and money is put into
research on new drugs and technologies, very little is put into preventing
disease. The healthcare industry does not focus on the critical aspects of a
healthy human which are: stress and its affect on humans, inadequate exercise,
high caloric intake, processed and denatured foods, and exposure to toxicity in
the environment. Rather than preventing these factors, the healthcare industry
causes further disease through overuse of pharmaceutical drugs and medical

Prescription drugs are commonly used for
treatment with conventional medicine. While these drugs do not always work,
they cause a myriad of side effects. Annually, 2.2 million patients in the U.S.

who are prescribed medication experience adverse drug reactions (ADRs).

Pharmaceutical drugs with the worst side affects are selective serotonin
reuptake inhibitors (antidepressants), nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (over
the counter pain-relievers), and calcium channel blockers (for high blood

Antidepressant medications are
commercialized as amazing relief on television but the numerous side effects
are not presented as a huge concern. There is a misunderstanding in which
people believe that the FDA reviews all advertisements for safety and efficacy
and this has led many people to ask for prescriptions
with little to no uncertainty.

Also, tens of millions of unnecessary
antibiotics are prescribed annually. 90% of upper respiratory tract infections
are viral and should not be treated with antibiotics yet nearly 50% of the patients
with URTIs still receive antibiotics. When antibiotics are overused, deadly
strains of bacteria can develop and become drug-resistant. The reason for this
overuse is again, because it is more profitable than nutraceuticals, which are
proven to treat viral infections as well as boost immune-system function.

Another specific concern is the
chemotherapy approach to cancer. No direct evidence shows that chemotherapy
prolongs a patient’s life with advanced carcinoma cancer, yet it is still used.

When it does not prevent metastases, higher dose chemotherapy is used, which
causes even more damage to the patient and more gives profit to the business.

Furthermore, x-rays are a huge profit to
the medical technology industry but are a huge harm to patients since radiation
accumulates and causes gene mutations. It is not the radiation alone that can
do harm but when the patient has a poor diet, smokes, etc. they have a much
higher risk.

surgeries are also a rising problem in the healthcare industry. 7.5 million
unnecessary medical and surgical procedures are performed annually although it
is difficult to calculate an accurate statistic when studying whether surgeries
were necessary.

In conclusion, the healthcare system is
extremely corrupt and it is in need of serious reform. The pharmaceutical and
medical technology industries have turned the medical industry into a huge
profit-making business. The “healthcare” system we are in today is truly a
disease care system, where the patient’s health is not the number one priority. 


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