Dear more work than asking for wishes.I of course

Dear diary On monday i was walking on the shore of the beach then I saw this bottle,you know like the one in aladdin.This might sound like a normal day but you are wrong. I can promise you this  I will never forget this day. So I obviously take it and  a freaking genie pops out and says “Give me three wishes and i’ll make it come true,don’t ask for more wishes because that’s a LOT of work.”.This of course was very anticlimactic.So i said i want “500 billion dollars but he goes “Nooooooo do you know how much work that is for me.”and I reply with “Yeah well you’re my genie so chop chop make it happen.”.Then guess what he does……He gives me the money (that’s why you look so nice)!!!!!!Minutes later I ask “Hey this is a big decision can you go in your bottle lamp  thing .I’ll take you to my room so I have time to think.”Of Course he replies with “You mean I get to go back to sleep duh.”.After that he goes back into his lamp (I have just been informed that it is called a lamp not a bottle).Hours later I here this knocking sound coming from the lamp.The genie pops out and says “Times up” so I quickly reply with “World peace”.He was like “Ok It’s done”. “Yay but I still need more time” I reply with.The genie replies with “You have until tommorow.So I can’t sleep i am still thinking what should I wish for over and over again.So I come up with a lot of things but i wasn’t sure about any of them.But then I think of one.As my final wish I ask for there to be no more stray doges.So I tell this to my genie and he replies with “That is even more work than asking for wishes.I of course (super frustrated) respond with ”I don’t care make it come true!”. Ok and guess what he says!He says thanks.The last  wish came true and I got I new best friend.The genie became real!It can’t get any better than that!As you can see this was the best day of my life.I am sorry I made him become real because when this you are published no one will get too have a genie.Opps!


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