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Dear Legislator/Senator Heléne FritzonI am writing this letter with regard to the issue of immigration reform as well as expressing my support for this subject, as I in the same time also would like to raise awareness of an important issue into the kingdom of Sweden. My name is Tiffany Alkataani and I attend to the social science program in high school. For this reason, this issue concerns me in different ways.The current immigration system we currently have in place is considered punishable, separable family systems, and is difficult and expensive, with long processes that punish hard-working people. I encourage change to this system to give justice to the marginalized individuals coming to the Kingdom of Sweden for a better life.Legislators have worked on designing a plan to deal with our failed immigration system. I believe that in order to really be effective, immigration reform must also address the root causes of migration. Individuals are willing to risk their lives across the border with their children, because they believe in a better life here in Sweden. Then they try to get to work and then go out of poverty so their children will grow up and recognize the kingdom of Sweden as their home. Even single children have come and these young people can also invest in our shared country and want to give back. Even many of these dreams are rejected for various reasons. One is that Sweden believes that there are too many asylum seekers. But in view of Sweden’s geographical area, we as a nation should manage it. For their sake, immigration reform must contain the spirit of the previously proposed to take asylum seekers, especially children, otherwise thousands of people will also be oppressed here too.Therefore, let these young people and the other immigrants get the chance to prove their determination and commitment to Sweden. The law on the possibility of a residence permit for unaccompanied persons, which provides a system and a way of citizenship, is mutually beneficial for these young people, but also the country. They will have a home that gives them the authority of citizens belonging to a nation, and Sweden will have a youthful workforce of citizens who are proud to be here.A comprehensive reform immigration that allows unscrupulous youth to stay in Sweden as well as becoming citizens will show that we, like this country, appreciate the diversity but also support our young people. For this reason let us show support to the young within our borders to Sweden so that they can then call it for their country and call themselves Swedish.I thank you for your time and attention. I really hope you see the opportunity for these individuals but also our country. By dealing with a vision for the future, along with compassion for these people.


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