Dear a large scale of genes. I have been


Dear Sir or Madam,

a great honor to have a contact with you! Let me take this opportunity to
introduce myself, my name is Eman Mohamed Abdelrazik, a fresh biotechnology
graduate. The main core of my four-year bachelor study is molecular biology and
genetic engineering. I have a special interest in cancer biology and genomic
analysis. Nowadays, I have enrolled in Genomic Data Science Specialization that
is offered by Johns Hopkins University at Coursera’s platform. My interest in
cancer biology encouraged me to start my graduation research project entitled, The
Effect of some Natural Anticancer Agents on Autophagy and Extracellular
Regulated Protein Kinase Pathway in Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cell. For an
eight-month period, I worked hardly from choosing the idea with the help of my
supervisors to designing the methodology, choosing candidate genes, performing
practical work, troubleshooting and writing research thesis. The idea behind my
project was to choose a natural anticancer agent that can induce
autophagy-mediated cell death and prevent resistance to chemotherapy through
modulation of autophagy. I tested the anticancer effect of three compounds but
only Carnosic Acid and Glycyrrhetinic Acid gave excellent result through
inhibition of ERK pathway and induction of apoptosis and autophagy. These
findings have indicated their potential role as candidates for cancer therapy
and maybe an alternative to Sorafenib.

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graduation, I have decided to complete my research on a large scale of genes. I
have been lucky to find the Life Sciences Summer Research Program (SRP) at the
Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). What encourages me to apply is
that I find EPFL ranking is the 12th in the world according to QS –
World University ranking and the 3rd in Europe according to Leiden
ranking , which place EPFL within the world’s best schools in the fields of
basic sciences, especially life sciences. I also have read the feedback from
past SRP participants who came from giant Universities such as, Harvard,
Oxford, Washington, Georgia, Heidelberg and Cornell. Their positive feedback
give me the greatest encouragement to keep pursuing my



for cancer biology research. I know that I will get more than enough experience
in my laboratory work through the perfect program of SRP that combine valuable
aspects such as, the hands-on experience and training at highly specialized,
well-equipped labs under the supervision of lab head. It will also cover
theoretical and practical part through series of weekly workshops and seminars.
The value of SRP program reaches to its peak by poster session which allow me
to represent my research work to my peers and my teachers. The representation
and criticism will give me insights into strong and weak points in my research
and even new research ideas. Finally, SRP will be my first international


sum up, SRP will provide the three sides of educational triangle; the right
place with the right peers and teachers at the perfect time. As an agent in
this perfect community, I will share my knowledge with my peers. We will learn
from, teach, encourage, provide constructive feedback to, and inspire each
other. I will make sure that my research will be one of the top ten at SRP,
which will add a great value to the program. I think the main purpose of our
engagement is to celebrate the wealth of diverse.

you in advance. I am looking forward to your response.


Best regards,

Eman Abdelrazik




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