Deals, have you ever wondered what actually are these

Deals, discounts,
offers, coupons, promos, freebies, shop for N AMOUNT pay half the N AMOUNT…these
are only few things we come across every time and each time we are on shopping
spree. But, have you ever wondered what actually are these shopping wooing
terms or simply said customer luring terms? Exteriorly they look like some sort
of business enhancing strategies to all of us but when we give a thought deeply
they are more than just business increasing tricks. There’s a science behind
discounts and deals that go far beyond our imagination and to happiness and
delight of both customers and sellers this science is WIN-WIN for both of them.

coupons and other discount related offers have taken a long journey and reached
new horizons since the time Coca-Cola, for the first time introduced coupon in
1887. Even Coca-Cola wouldn’t have imagined that this simple move would be the daily
marketing strategy for many businesses but it is…! Right from household items
to luxury brands there is no business house which dares to move ahead without
satisfying its customers with deals, coupons, and markdowns. THANKS TO COCA-COLA.

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This simple
move made Coke, a household item in the US and you would be surprised to know
that between1894-1913 there was 1 American out of 9 who received a free Coke. And
this eventually created an awareness about Coke and the rest is history—Open
Coke-open happiness.  

As said,
above, every business irrespective of big or small, local or international,
wholesale or retail has to rely on deals and discounts to increase sales, fetch
a brand image, retain customers, enlarge customers and last but not the least-fulfil
customers’ thirst for happiness and savings (in this lies the success of any
business) and this is what is happening, every business at present revolves
round some kind of discount promotion (of course it’s good for revenue).

As said,
these discount and deal offers are more than we think and we will say you why

·       Person who gets some kind of deal or discount
experiences 11% additional happiness than the one who doesn’t receive.

·       As part of one study it was found
that people with deals and discounts has a lesser respiration rate (dropped by

·       Heart rates lessened by 5% and sweat
levels lessened 20 times than normal. And in nutshell, people shopping using deals
and offers had more stress free life.

In addition
to these they even fulfil the main dictums…they boost revenue.

·       shoppers shop and also save whilst
business men increase sales and cash upon the margins received through extra
sales due to various offers. who save money and retailers who grow their sales.

·       Deals add repeated customers to

·       Deals induce purchaser to make a
risky purchase (buying an item even when its not of need due to deal or offer

·       Builds loyal customer base.

·       More than 50% of the shoppers are
caught up in the discount mania and complete the purchase due to saving factor.

·       91% of purchasers who redeemed deals
and other stuff preferred visiting the same seller again.  

·       Amongst all the deals the ones that
come with FREE tag are the most loved ones for customers. 


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