Cybercrime outcome of these standards. Parenthetically, just as concept

Cybercrime is a term used to broadly describe criminal activity in which computers or computer networks are a tool, a target, or a place of criminal activity and include everything from electronic cracking to denial of service attacks. It is also used to include traditional crimes in which computers or networks are used to enable the illicit activity. The Cyber crime can halt any railway where it is, it may misguide the planes on its flight by misguiding with wrong signals, it may cause any important military data to fall in the hands of foreign countries, and it may halt e-media and every system can collapse within a fraction of seconds.
The present study has been undertaken to touch some aspects, effect and prospects of this cyber-technology with special reference to threat poses of Cyber crime by India. Efforts have been made to analyze legal framework available for its control in India. To start with, it is, therefore, necessary to demarcate the dimensions of word ‘crime’. Thus it is beyond doubt that ‘crime’ is a relative phenomenon, universal in nature and essentially all societies from ancient to modern have been evidently demonstrating its presence. Each society have been providing its own description of criminal behavior and conduct made punishable by express will of the political community ruling over the society and it was always influence by religious-social-political economical values prevailing in the given society. Thus from time immemorial the behavior that attracts ‘penal liability’ influenced and characterized by overall outcome of these standards. Parenthetically, just as concept of crime has undergone change with the growth of Information Technology so the categories of criminals who engage in such crimes. So far Indian society is concerned, particularly during ancient period, the definition of crime flagged by religious interpretation. The period was known for complete ominance of religion. All political and social activities in general and ‘Crime’ in particular, considered to be happened due to the presence of super-natural power. The Demonological theory of crime causation was an outcome of this period.
Medieval period had evidenced the eras of renaissance and restoration, which delivered new, and a fresh look to ‘crime’. The concepts like utilitarian, positive approach, analytical thinking, principles of


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