Cushion even for wearers who lead an active lifestyle.

Cushion Cut DiamondsSparkling Diamonds and Gems offer Cushion Cut Diamonds. Read on to find out why this cut is one of our bestsellers.History of Cushion Cut DiamondsThe old mine cut or cushion cut diamonds are square cut diamonds with rounded edges that make it resemble a pillow or cushion. A classic diamond cut, the cushion cut has been popular for almost two hundred years now. It was once the default diamond cut until the early 20th century. Antique rings usually feature traditional cushion cut diamonds with an enlarged cutlet.The cushion cut is credited to Marcel Tolkowsky or based on a design he created in the 1920’s. Over time, the cut was further refined into having smaller cutlets, enlarged table and with improved cut angles that give it more brilliance.Traditional versus Modern Cushion CutModern variations of the cushion cut usually has three basic pavilion facet patterns. The third pattern offers an extra row of facets on the pavilion. GIA classifies this as a modified cushion cut.The modification presents a crushed ice feel or needle like facet pattern that is similar to the radiant cut.Because of these modifications, cushion cut diamonds are still popular today. It still maintains an antique feel and yet has modern performance and durability. It may not have the same intense brilliance of round brilliant diamonds, but the cushion cut allows reflection of colored lights or fire. The round edges of the cut makes it more secure and durable even for wearers who lead an active lifestyle. For the diamond’s details, we recommend that you ecplor your own personal specifications or taste. The classic cushion cut is more square with a length to width ratio of 1.00. However, the modern cushion cut can be more rectangular at 1.10-1.20 length to width.With every diamond purchase however, personal taste should dictate the measurement and exact shape of the cushion cut diamond.


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