Curiosity drives a person towards learning new things. I

Curiosity is the first and the foremost quality which
drives a person towards learning new things. I have always believed that one
should never give up the habit of asking questions and this habit has been an
important facet of my creativity. I seek to invent new ideas by applying the
basic principles of an existing theory in uncommon ways.


I have originated from
a family where the highest priority was always given to good education. I
have studied in the best High School in my city and I have excelled in academics right from my school days. In school, I
actively used to secure one of the top positions in the class. I have
consistently been allured towards subjects that draw upon one’s analytical

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my eyes clearly set on my goals, I took up mathematics and physical sciences in
my pre-university course. Engineering is embedded with mathematics and
physical sciences and my love for both mathematics and physics is like an icing
on the cake. A natural aptitude for mathematics,
a sense of logic, good grades, high academic credentials and a good rank in
national level examination All India Engineering Entrance Exam
(AIEEE) which has about 150,000 applicants across the country every year secured me a place in National Institute of
Technology, Raipur.


NIT Raipur is a renowned
institution and one of the top 50 Engineering Colleges of my country.

NIT’s in India have
achieved prominence as the front runner in imparting quality engineering
education. The students joined here are very bright in their academics due to
the limited seats and hence, at the Institute we interact and live with the
best minds in the country.

chosen Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering as my major, the college
has given me wide range of opportunity to enhance my skill in both theory and


“The student population is
divided into two groups, those who go to college to learn and those who go to
college to earn a degree.”

This quote explains my view on education. I always
wanted to learn much more about electronics and computers, which was solely
responsible for my keen interest in the core subjects. Subjects like Micro
processors and Micro Controllers, Embedded Systems, Switching Theory and Logic
Design, Electronic Devices and Circuits, Digital Signal Processing triggered my
interest in exploring the digital world around me and helped me learn the aspects of system implementation. On the other hand,
courses like Data Structure, Operating System, C, C++, JAVA, Data Communication
and Computer Network helped me understand how the concepts of computers are
applied to practical systems in day-to-day life.


I was always fascinated by the
way Embedded and automation technologies changed the life of human beings. So, I
did my summer internship at sI3 Indya Technologies, the best training company
in Embedded Systems and Robotics.  I have
worked on the practical applications such as LED designing, Display patterns
etc during the internship. This internship had tapped my hidden potentialities.
In my final year, I have worked on the project “Study of Numerical Techniques in Antenna
Simulation”. The project being a group work, refined me the virtues of
group coordination, interaction along with team work that are essential in the
present day work scenario.



In order to gain some industrial
exposure I visited Bharath Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL is the largest Telecom
company in India) during my 4th semester. The Inplant training
helped me understand the advanced routing techniques and instruments/hardware
used in transmitting and routing the wired and wireless based telephone calls.


I always wanted to implement my
knowledge practically in order to gain more knowledge on the topics which I
learn. This intention encouraged me to work on projects like “Pick and place
objects using Robot (arms)” and “Touch screen control robot and home auto
machine”. I can call this period as the most productive time of my engineering
because I have learnt many new software technologies, programming and their


In today’s information age, having the knowledge of
electronics and communication together with computer science in a meaningful
and in depth manner is of great advantage.






There is a saying, which says, “The only thing Permanent in
life is Change”. This perfectly holds true to the world of Computer Science
where novel ideas are not a novelty. It is this novelty that entices me to this
field and gives me a deep sense of professional pride.



I believe in a holistic education
that supports both personal and professional development and thus I indulge
myself in several recreational and co-curricular activities. I have secured
fourth position in GREEN GANESHA competition organized by GO GREEN committee of
NIT Raipur. Also, I was a runner in the caroms conducted by Assets club of NIT
Raipur. Traits like leadership and responsibility were enhanced in me with all
these experiences.


after having acquired the basic aptitude, skills, knowledge and work experience
in the field of Information System, I feel this is the apt time to pursue my
graduate study in the field of my interest and strongly believe that my
aptitude and aspirations find a terrific match in your program. I feel that graduate study at
your University will be the most logical extension of my academic pursuits and
a major step towards achieving my objectives. I have selected (University of Cincinnati) after a comprehensive
understanding of the courses offered, various majors available in your program
and distinctions of the faculty. I want to learn, satiate my never ending curiosity and make the
optimum use of technology with the help of my technical, communication and
leadership skills. I can assure you, if admitted, that I can commit myself to
be an asset to my department and during my graduate program, if given a chance
of research /teaching assistantship, I believe that I can fulfill the required
duties with a high degree of perfection and enthusiasm.



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