CSD-4103 with project because without this project does not



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Sharanjeet Kaur Kingra

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In the last three sessions of class, we learnt
so many basic things related to project management.

This course will help us that how to handle any
project in a life individually or with a team.

It is true that to manage the project is not a
big deal if we have proper knowledge about the project. So, to get the output
of that project we must compete with so many situations. The entire process
that makes the project successful is called project management.

The word project management has a very wide
meaning. It is made up of two words project and management.

Project: – It stands for to achieve a goal in life within
a specific period. It includes planning which is initial step of any project.            

Management: – It correlates with project because without this
project does not work properly. Mainly, the management integrate all the parts
of project together to get an overall result of project and when these both
words combine then it will create a successful project.

So, from the above description we learnt the
meaning of project management. It means to manage the project with minimum
period and with proper utilisation of time.

There are some factors that meet the
requirements of project management. The following are:

Defines a plan and organises chaos

Establishes a schedule and plan

Enforces and encourage teamwork

Maximizes resources

Manages integration

Control costs

Manages change

Managing quality

Retain and use knowledge

Learning from failure


1.     Defines a plan and organises chaos: – It is a starting step of any project which
draws an outline of any work. This period gives us a chance to execute our
internal thoughts in front of so many people because sometimes we cannot
express our feelings to other people. In the mean time, we also learn that how
to control our chaos. chaos means that when the things are not in our hand.
Sometimes we can manage them easily but most of the it takes very long time to
come at the same position.


2.     Establishes a schedule and plan: – In this factor, the proper time -table is
prepared by all the team members before the starting of any project. After that work is divided among the different people
according to the planned schedule. This is one of the best method for the
execution of any plan.


3.     Enforces and encourage teamwork: –  Before the execution of project the people who
are working in project are just the members of project but when they involved
in the project they learnt that how to work as a team because this method
connects these members with each other and motivates them to work in unity. It is
the strongest way to manage the project properly.


4.     Maximizes resources: –  It
depends on economical and financial budget of the project. it is also a part of
project management which can be used wisely to achieve the aim of project. It
teaches us how to use the resources in efficient way within a minimum period.


5.     Manages integration: –  Integrate
means to collaborate all the thoughts and opinions of project members and then
work with them to attain the goal of the project. One member of project cannot
able to make the whole project because to accomplish any goal people follow
different people at different circumstances of life. In short, integration
plays a very significant part in project management.


6.     Controls cost: – For a successful project, it is must to keep in
mind the financially budget of project. In a project management, it means to
use a less money and get a maximum benefit. Sometimes if the project members
found that they spend a more money as compared to their plan then they will
take an action to manage the budget.


7.     Manages change: – The changes in the project is a variable
process because the needs of project are going to change throughout the entire
process and it does not remain same. For example, during a surgery of heart the
minor problems can be cured   immediately
but serious issues take a long time which sometimes affect the complete process.
The changes in the project are appeared to be complicated but the project
management teaches us to manage all these changes.


8.     Managing quality: –  The managing quality means to complete
the task according to the expectation of people. The completion of work
according to the choice of people may reflect your skilled image on others and
bring a more success in future. The same procedure is followed in project
management that if you can complete the given task within a minimum time then
it will be helpful to manage the project in an efficient way.


9.     Retain and use knowledge: – This method brings more attention to manage the
project. It is true that without knowledge person cannot do anything in life. So,
that’s why during the management or planning of project the professionals gets
more preference because they have a wonderful experience which further makes
their project successful.


10. Learning from failure: – It is not possible to get a success every
time because sometime to get a failure in life is more important than winning.
Our life is also a kind of project in which sometimes we loss and win the game.
When we cannot win then we should learn from our mistakes and do the same things.
Similarly, in project management we learn how to improve our mistakes and then implement
them in the future project.








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