CS my trainer gave me few assignments to work

                                                    CS 5020           

                                 INTERNSHIP IN CS – REPORT 1

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Name                : Shushruth Reddy Kasarla

Student ID       : 700663109

Course              : Internship in Computer Science

Instructor        : Dr. XIAODONG Yue


As of now, I am in Innovative Intelligent Solutions filling in as an intern under the supervision of Mr. Praveen Chintha.

My internship started on 17/01/18.

On my reporting day at the company, I met Mr. Praveen Chintha and done all my document verification with HR department and later he acquainted me with the project team that I am going to work with. My team gave me a concise summary of the project and my part in the venture. As an intern, I was not given access to work on the project until the point that they are certain that I can deal with the project without hassle. I will illuminate you the project details and my tasks in the application development in the forthcoming reports.

As indicated by the manager, I will be trained on the concepts of Java and user interface design (Html, CSS, and JavaScript) concepts that are required for the project in up and coming weeks.

After completion of training, I will be introduced to the product that I deal with and so the design, installation process and maintenance of the software.

Along my training, my trainer gave me few assignments to work on which helps me to familiar the code and to get comfortable with that environment.

As per the work I did nowadays, my activity is to install and configure and train on the software’s that we will use in the project and learn the concepts that will be useful to the project. In the following weeks, I may begin working with the team and report you what I have done in the following reports I submit.




Thank you

Shushruth Reddy Kasarla




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