Credibility have fast burn out and people will lose

Credibility your reputation for being trustworthy-to perform your work with excellence; to care about those your work with and for; to live by high ethical, corporate, and personal values; ( in your work is the knowledge and skills and ability to perform your job. Competence refers to an individual’s knowledge, skills, and abilities with respect to the work activities that have to be conducted in the full range of situations associated with their position. (Campion, Mumford, Morgeson, & Nathrgang, 2005; Cunninham, 1996). Most people will judge your competence based on your track record of success and achievements.( You would have to care about what you do in order to do it with compassion.  If you don’t care about the job or the people you come in contact you will have fast burn out and people will lose faith in you. Your colleagues, clients and even your customers will trust you far more if they know you care about them. As Mahatam Gandi once stated. “The moment there is suspicion about a person’s motives, everything he does becomes tainted.” ( To truly care about the people you work with and for and the customers and clients on a daily basis is a special talent and gift not many, people have.Your character is what makes you the person that you are. It’s your reputation for doing what you say you will do. Your character is creating trust between you and your employer and customer. The character has always been important in business relationships, and it’s becoming even more important.  Character is central to creating trust.( and their profits rise and fall based on the stability of their workforce. (Ketterman, Fu, Jones-Holguin, 2016-2017). Your business is as strong and reliable as the people you employ.  So you need strong competent, caring people with a strong character mindset to achieve the goals of a successful business.Ketterman, Diana B; Fu, Cindy Yan; Jones-Holguin, Tara C., Career Planning & Adult Development Journal, Winter 2016-2017, Vol 32 Issue 4, p81-95, 15p, Database: Omnifile Full Test Select (H. W. Wilson).Molleman, Eric; Van der Vegt, Gerben S. Journal of Occupational & Organizational Psychology. Sep 2007, Vol. 80 Issue 3, p459-478. 20p 3 Charts, 1 Graph., Database: Business Source PremierHttps://


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