Counselors are well positioned to support fair wages and

Counselors often deal with people from diverse cultural backgrounds. Future practitioners should develop an understanding of the unique problems, liabilities, and stressors that affect the psychological well-being of different populations. This understanding is critical in spreading and enhancing socio-culturally appropriate teaching, training, and providing treatment to serve the requirements of these groups. Counselors deal with issues  like work and education that affect all individuals,  they are well positioned to support fair wages and work policies,  join with others to address poverty and unemployment, and emancipate clients to take action for positive social change. It is important to understand how race, color, religion, national origin, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, age, socio-economic status and disability impact an individual’s experience. During my internship at The National Council of the Blind, Lucknow, India, I worked with people who suffer from visual disabilities. I found that most people there had been discriminated against because of their disability. Children and adolescents were made fun of by their peers. This had a detrimental impact on their mental well-being. Adults with visual disabilities were not hired for a job which they could perform equally well as a person who was not disabled. This not only had an impact on their socio-economic status but also on their psychological well-being. I find this very wrong. I would like to bring a positive change in the current situation. This has motivated me to help people who are discriminated against. My school and college focus a lot on diversity in the sense that people from different religions, socio-economic statuses, nationalities, disability study together. This helped me become more aware and accepting of the differences among people from different walks of life. But I haven’t been subjected to gender diversity as as both my school and college are for girls only. This is why I want to study at Boston University School of Education as it is committed to equity, diversity, inclusion, and social justice. These competencies are necessary in counseling because counsellors deal with people from different backgrounds in therapy. Teaching promotes social justice awareness among students by drawing attention towards the social injustices in our world. I am aware of the American culture which is much more individualistic than Indian culture. I am a student from India. Being in India my whole life, I have always wanted to experience American culture that is very popular. The University’s focus on diversity and inclusion excites me because the cultural difference between American and Indian culture is vast. It will help me to learn and benefit more if I feel included as I will not feel lonely or alienated in a completely new country and culture. I would immensely benefit from the teachings at Boston University and the University would also benefit in terms of diversity of their community and the amount of work I would put in during the program at the University. There are very few Indians who have contributed to the field of Psychology and the Indian perspective is something that is largely amiss in the psychological literature. India is a land of many cultures and traditions and hence I will be bringing a new cultural perspective. This will contribute to the University’s aim of promoting diversity and inclusion. Interacting with people from different locations and with different backgrounds boosts creativity and innovation. It will also help students and faculty to understand each other’s cultural differences. It may also help in reducing the stereotypes associated with different communities.In sum, I believe that Boston University will help me achieve my professional goals and provide me with a positive environment that focuses on equity, diversity, inclusion and social justice which will help me learn effectively, were I to be selected. At the same time, it will help the University to further its aim of promoting diversity. It would be an honour to pursue a Master’s degree at Boston University, which is a great place for higher education. Thank you for your time on this application. Looking forward to a positive reply.


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