CONTRACT Compensation paid to the Employee for the administrations



THIS EMPLOMENT AGREEMENT made and entered on Jan 29, 2018,

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Mr. Alex Israel AND Smart Canada a car organization of




i)             The
Employer is of the conclusion that the Employee has the fundamental
capabilities, experience and capacities to help and advantage the Employer in
its business.


ii)            The
Employer wants to utilize the Employee and the Employee has consented to acknowledge
and enter such work upon the terms and conditions set out in this Agreement.


IN CONSIDERATION OF the issues depicted above and of the
common advantages and commitments put forward in this Agreement, the receipts
and adequacy of which thought is thus recognized, the gatherings of this
Agreement concur as takes after:


1.            The
Employee will initiate lasting all day work with the Employer on the 28th day
of January,2018


2.            The
introductory occupation tittle of the Employee will take after: Manager. The
underlying activity obligations the Employee will be relied upon to perform
will be the accompanying: Planning, Monitoring and Appraising occupation comes


3.            The
Employee consents to be utilized on the terms and conditions set out in this
Agreement. The Employee consents to be liable to the general supervision of and
act compliant with the requests, guidance and bearing of the Employer.


4.            The
Employee will play out any obligations as asked for by the Employer that are
usually performed by a man holding a comparable position in the business or
business of the business.


5.            The
Employer consents to comply with the Employer’s guidelines, controls,
approaches and works on, including those concerning work timetables, occupation
and debilitated leaves, as they may now and again be embraced or altered.


6.            Compensation
paid to the Employee for the administrations rendered by the Employee as
required by this Agreement will incorporate a wage at the rate of $5000 every
month. This remuneration will be payable twice every month while this
understanding is in drive.


7.            The
Employee’s legitimate work environment will be at organization’s primary office
in Toronto.


8.            The
Employee’s typical hours of work, including breaks, are 40 hours for every
feeble. Nonetheless, on accepting sensible notice from the Employer, he needs
to work extra hours.


9.            The
Employee will be qualified for just those extra advantages that are at present
accessible as depicted in the legitimate arrangements of the Employer’s
business booklets, manuals, and approach records or as required by law.


10.          The
Employee consents to give full-time endeavors, as a worker of the Employer, to
the business obligations and commitments as portrayed in this Agreement.


11.          If the
Employee wishes to fire this work with the Employer, the Employee will furnish
the Employer with the more noteworthy of one week and the base required by law.
As an option, if the worker co-works with the preparation and advancement of a
substitution, at that point adequate notice is given in the event that it is
adequate notice to enable the Employer to discover and prepare the


12.          In the
occasion of a break or undermined rupture by the Employee of any of the
arrangements of this Agreement , the Employees concurs that the Employer is
qualified for a perpetual directive, notwithstanding and not in constraint of
some other rights and cures accessible to the Employer at law, with a specific
end goal to keep any such break by the Employee


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