CONSTITUTION with the Agua Fria High School standards.ARTICLE III—MEMBERSHIPSection

CONSTITUTION OF THE AGUA FRIA HIGH SCHOOL GLEE CLUBARTICLE I—NAMESection 1. The name of this organization shall be “The Singing Owls”.Section 2. The officers of the “The Singing Owls” shall constitute the Executive Board of the “The Singing Owls”.ARTICLE II—PURPOSESection 1. The purpose of this club shall be to provide the students of Agua Fria High School and its community with an enjoyable, informative, and productive atmosphere to learn, rehearse, and perform music for school events, retirement homes, and annual concerts. The executive board will recruit, educate, and select future “The Singing Owls” members regardless of the diverse musical backgrounds of individual members.Section 2. The Executive Board of the “The Singing Owls”, in addition to the club sponsor, shall direct the activities of the society through the selection of repertoire, preparation for concerts, and coordination of rehearsals with the Agua Fria High School standards.ARTICLE III—MEMBERSHIPSection 1. “The Singing Owls” members will be selected in accordance with a rubric for fair entry. They must have all scores of 80% or higher with no 2’s or below in any section.Section 2. “The Singing Owls” members will be required to keep up satisfactory grades to participate in field trips.ARTICLE IV—REHEARSALSSection 1. The executive board of the “The Singing Owls” shall hold responsibility for scheduling rehearsal and performance space, and determine the dates and times of all rehearsals and performances.Subsection A. The “The Singing Owls” shall rehearse once weekly, in the band room on Mondays.Section 2. The executive board and club sponsor of the “The Singing Owls” shall hold the authority to schedule additional rehearsals, cancel or re-schedule rehearsals, and change the times and locations of scheduled rehearsals as per the needs of the “The Singing Owls”.ARTICLE V:  EXECUTIVE BOARDA:  State the club officers and each of their dutiesPresident:  Spokesperson and Representative of club.  Inform and lead present and future members. Vice President:  Take over for president when president is not available.  Motivational guide for present and future members. Treasurer:  Keep track of money for future fundraisers. Secretary: Keep record of meetings, attendance and notes for improvement. Librarian: Organize, distribute and collect sheet music. Historian:  Distribute information and advertise information and performances. B:  Filling officer vacancies within the Executive Board A re-election will be opened to members in the Glee Club. Candidates will present a 5-minute speech followed by a popular vote.ARTICLE VI:  ELECTIONSA:  As needed, officer positions that will be selected by the membership, length of term for each officer, and how many times a person may hold the same officer position.ARTICLE VII:  FUNDS            Agua Fria procedures for fundraising and distribution will be followed.ARTICLE VII:  COMMITTEES/DIVISIONS           Sopranos Altos Tenors BassesARTCILE XI:  RATIFICATION            The constitution will be ratified by the Executive Board annually with a vote of 80% or higher approval.ARTICLE XII:  AMENDMENTS            Amendments to the constitution can be proposed in writing to board members and have to be ratified by 80% or more of the executive board.            ReferencesGlee Club.  n.d.  Constitution.  Retrieved from                                 


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