Computer form all geographical region specifically Asia Pacific as

Computer industry’s landscape
is made up of companies who primary business function is either manufacturing
or assembling of various products. These products include but are not limited
to   Personal Computers (aka. PC), Laptops, Servers,
products enabling network creation, like routers and switches, Storage discs, Printers
& Scanners, Smart-phone and mobile gadgets. Computer Industry was born in
1975 with sales of $60million. Today the industry has grown significantly to
$346 billion with tremendous global presence and in 2017 it celebrated its
forty-second anniversary. Globally the PC sales are on a downward spiral as
smartphone sales continue to exceed expectations, replacing the PC demand.
Gartner 2018 forecast1
reveals that the demand for technology devices may be heading for a stagnation
in the near future. The growth in mobile phone market happening form all geographical
region specifically Asia Pacific as the personal computer space seeing an
ongoing decline in market demand. Global sales on Personal computers, Laptop computers,
and Tablets are forecasted to plateau by 2017, this theory is also supported by
the forecasted sales figures in 2017 which is expected remain at 2.3 billion,
same as was reported in 2016. We can see in figure
1.1 Garner’s global projection of device shipment and also sales projection
for the period 2016 to 2019 given by device type.

However Computer
industry continues to remain the most innovate, profitable and valuable
industry in today’s industrial landscape. The ranking of computer hardware
companies globally by market capitalization2
are: Apple Inc., Samsung, IBM, Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd. (aka.
Foxconn), HP Inc., Lenovo, Fijutsu Ltd., Quanta Computer Inc., and Compal

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High-Level Risks  

In this age of
technology, we are surprise to see that this most innovative industry is also facing
increasingly complex challenges/ risk which could potentially affect corporate
profitability and, for some, survival. At a high-level listing of the notable
risks that the industry is facing includes:

v  Slow economic

v  Ensuring
quality and reliability that builds customer loyalty and satisfaction.

v  Damage
to Brand.

v  New
Product Failure.

v  Increasing

v  Technology

v  Innovation

v  Evolving
regulatory and industry standards.

v  Failure
in distribution or supply chain.

v  Loss
of Intellectual Property.

v  Cyber

Talent Retention.

Forecasts Flat Worldwide Device Shipments Until 2018 –

The World’s
Top 10 Hardware Companies-


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