Company parts: the customers, the quality of parts a

Company growth is a huge
factor when deciding if a company is going to succeed or fail. Many companies
have went on to be successful but also many have either went bankrupt or
closed. While a company continues to grow, it has to be able to sustain this
growth of success for a long period of time. Growth of a company also relies on
the workers being able to keep up with the demand of a product the customers
are wanting. Company growth can be divided into three main parts: the customers,
the quality of parts a company makes, and the resources the company is able to

            The customers are a main reason why a company begins to
grow. If a customer really likes that company’s part, they will continue to
come back and buy that product. Making a customer loyal to a company is a good
goal for company growth. As long as that customer keeps coming back and being an
advocate for your store, your company will grow. When a customer refers a
product to a good friend, a company then gains another customer which will
hopefully keep coming back and buying their products. According to The Impact
of Planning on Business Growth article, a business must expose opportunities to
additional customers. A company can grow by the word of mouth but it can also
grow by the reviews left online. If a customer is highly satisfied with your
parts or item and it meets their specs, they will continue to purchase that
item. More customers are able to see the reviews online than they can hear by the
word of mouth.

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the quality of a company parts also decides the company’s growth. For many
years in the U.S, a lot of people were just buying parts made in the U.S. After
a while many people started seeing they could buy parts overseas and they still
be the same quality as higher in state parts. For these overseas companies
their growth rally took off. For example, Toyota and Honda are very popular car
brands here in the U.S nowadays. Companies need to set a certain tolerance level
so that every employee can aim for the average number. To the company’s workers
their number one concern should be the quality of the parts they are producing.
 They should aim at producing the best
quality product so that people will choose them over some other company.

            Lastly and probably the most important part to a company’s
growth is the resources a company has or can get. Being able to hire better well
trained people gives that company a good head start to growing. The more money
the company they earn, the more or better equipment it can buy. Being able to
spend the least amount of money and being able to make more really matters to a
company. Most companies go after the same product, so being able to beat your competitors
at the product or to the product really matters. According to Five Critical Concepts
for Business Growth and Profitability article, a company must have many different
ways of producing or creating revenue. Companies need to look at their statistical
data to see where they can improve and eliminate wasted time. The most successful
companies invest the most into their resources.

            As a company continues to grow it will have to rely on
their customers, the quality of their parts, and the resources it can obtain. According
to the book, if the company pays attention to the people’s needs, their income
and growth will follow. The most successful companies are able to keep and
obtain all three of these factors. Company growth is a huge deal in the industrial
or manufacturing industries today.


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