Communication a speedy way using different protocols. With this

Communication plays an important role in every aspect of our lives, whether it is for business or in our personal life. With the passage of time and evolving technology, modes of communication are changing rapidly. Now a days humans rely greatly on computers and smartphones for sharing useful resources and information accomplishing their important tasks. The evolution of information technology gives birth to computer networks allowing you to store and share information in a speedy way using different protocols.


With this letter, I would like to express my interest in Master of Information Technology with Internetworking and Security (Coursework) Specialization at Murdoch University as an International student.

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Previously I have completed Bachelor of Science in Computer Sciences from Comsats Institute of Information Technology, ranked as the No. 1 IT University in Pakistan. It was my collage tenure when the technology and gadgets attracted my intention and I started learning how to use different gadgets. Therefore after my collage I took admission in Computer Sciences. During this program, I was introduced to the true span of Information Technology in every aspect of life by studying courses like Computer Communication and Networks, Introduction to Computer and Programming, Database Systems, Distributed Computing, Operating Systems Concepts and Human Computer Interaction and. I secured 4 GPA out of 4 in Discrete Structures and Operating Systems Concepts. Furthermore, in my final year project, I developed wireless patient monitoring system that monitors patients ECG, analyze it using mathematical modeling for finding abnormalities and informs the patient and his concerned physician through SMS or Email. The project was based on simulation of wireless sensor networks.

After graduation, I was appointed as an Intern in Web Evolution Company under the National Internship Program (NIP) on February 6th, 2017. During that time, I started learning practically about different network architectures.  The ratio of foreign qualified staff to local is extremely high. So my seniors and colleagues motivated me to acquire foreign qualification as I have performed consistently very well throughout my studies. After consulting with my family especially my Grandfather who supported me financially and morally throughout my studies, I decided to study abroad and upgrade my skills. My Grandfather appreciated this decision and is willing to sponsor me during my stay. I am his youngest and lovable Grandson, and he has sufficient funds to support me for this decision, which surely will be the turning point of my academic and professional career.


After this, I started my homework for this goal and carefully searched the best study destinations in terms of quality education, atmosphere, culture, diversity, affordability, and standard of living. After extensive research, I ended up choosing Australia among USA, UK, and Canada. Australian qualifications are globally recognized and the graduates are highly sought after due to the international reputation. Australia has the similar atmosphere to Pakistan so I can adjust easily and will focus on my studies from the very start. One advantage of studying in Australia is that you will come to know about many other cultures and learn new languages as Australia has the third highest number of International students in the world from different countries.


The selection of education provider is the most important and next step in the process. After a lot of research, I shortlisted few Universities and selected the Murdoch University. The main reason is the updated and industry focused course curriculum of Master of Information Technology. The subjects like Wireless Data Communications, Local Area Network Design and Implementation, Network Switching, Router and Firewall Security, and Information Technology Project Management offer a perfect balance of theory and practice and will help me gain job ready skills. Furthermore the program also offers to graduate with specializations in three different IT field, which are in my line of interest and future plans. The classrooms and labs are equipped with technologically up to date learning and teaching equipment and resources.


As we know, Pakistan is a developing country and IT sector has the huge potential to grow in the coming years in each and every organization of the country. Therefore I firmly believe that after gaining the necessary skills and qualifications, I have a great career prospects in government organizations and also in multinational companies like Huawei, Telenor, PTCL, Nayatel etc., where the foreign qualified professionals are in huge demand as compared to persons having the local degree. I can see myself as a top notch Network Analyst which are in huge demand in Pakistan in the coming few years after progression through different career levels in one of the top said companies.


Thank you for considering my request, I am expecting a positive response from your side.


I'm Neil!

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