Coming best online commercial brands, like Flipkart, had just

Coming from a service class family, traditional career and
academic fields were all that I could see around in my family. One could choose
to be a doctor, engineer, or government official. My father being one of them –
a mechanical engineer and MBA, working at an MNC. Then, the great economic upheaval
of 2008 happened and my world went for a spin. My father lost his job, the
markets were crashing and price of daily survival needs increasing. We saw the
worst face of that economic storm. This was also the time when some of the best
online commercial brands, like Flipkart, had just started out.

During such a chaos, both my parents decided to start an
online venture together. After the initial stages of building up, in about 6
months, they started doing great business that could yield prospects. But
eventually things went downhill after a while, so bad that they had to shut
down. From that time till 2012 they tried a variety of businesses, all unique
and relevant ideas in their time, but everything would collapse after an
initial phase of glory. As a teenager I was very intruiged to analyze what
actually went wrong.

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Throughout my schooling I was an active participant in all
activities, worked great in a team and as a leader, easily got along with anyone.
Soon I realized that all could be drawn to my communication skills, which I sharpened
with internships all through my college time. It also made me realize how
important it is to know what people think, what they need, and what
communication language or style they would understand. This was my thought
behind selecting sociology as my major in college. It gave me a detailed
outlook to the right way of communication based on the economic, social, and
psychological positions of any person or firm. With all my internships, netwroking
and communications was my major target after grasping work knowledge – how is
something done, the logic and idea behind the same – and broadening my
horizons. I was never a theory person, practical experience and on-field
training have always interested me more. With a major in sociology and work
experience ranging from marketing to HR management, I was equipped with skills
and experience to take on any job.

It was my time as the President at Enactus JMC that answered
all my questions. We worked on social entrepreneurship project from scratch – creating
products, identifying markets, handling all communications and brand strategy,
and making profits. It was during this time that I realized why my family
businesses didn’t survive. They had great business models, best technological
support, futuristic ideas, but they lacked a comprehensive brand strategy. I
have come to realize that a company becomes a brand with the correct marketing
and communication – a language that can cross borders and cultures. In today’s
age of digitization, where people are exposed to a variety of modes of
communication – from newspapers, smartphone applications, TV and Netflix
advertisements, to Twitter and other social media networks – it is becoming
increasingly important for firms to create a pertinent brand strategy.

A 15 months work experience at ROPOSO, as a PR &
Communications executive, has prepared me well to take on marketing and brand
management as a career. From the very basics of content creation, marketing
collaboration, media mangement, and employer branding to handling more complex
situations like crisis communication and brand communication transition, I had
the opportunity to experience and learn the very basic details of communication
and markting. Having set a base for myself and with brushed up skills, I have
been helping my mother (a fashion designer) to build her apparel brand Eenarah
by handling her social media and marketing campaigns.

It is due to my understanding of the value of marketing,
communications, and branding that I am inspired to apply to your MSc Marketing  program. Having already acquired work
experience in marketing and communications, I believe that further advanced
training in an unique multi cultural setting will act as the perfect channel to
capitalize on my strengths and enable me to make truly unique
contributions to this field at any firm I join in the future. After
finding your program online, I carefully read the course details and quickly
fell in love with it. The school’s ranking among the best business
schools immediately attracted me, and the instruction in cutting edge
approaches to branding will assist me a great deal when building and promoting
brands in the future.


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